Current Affairs October 2012 Quiz – 5

41 Monisha Kaltenborn has become the first woman team principal of which Formula 1 team recently in October 2012?
  A) Red Bull
  B) Sauber
  C) Force One
  D) Marcedez
42 Which famous Formula 1 driver has recently announced his retirement after the current 2012 session?
  A) Fernando Alonso
  B) Kimi Raikkonen
  C) Michael Schumacher
  D) Lewis Hamilton
43 Which global bank has announced to acquire ING Direct UK retail banking division recently in October 2012?
  A) Barclays
  B) UBS
  C) Goldman Sachs
  D) Citibank
44 Which PC maker has emerged as the Number 1 player in the world as per the research data published by the IT research firm Gartner recently in October 2012?
  A) Dell
  B) HP
  C) Lenovo
  D) Acer
45 “Indian Air Force Day” is observed on?
  A) 1st October
  B) 11th October
  C) 8th October
  D) 13th October
46 Who is the new Law Minister for India after recent cabinet reshuffle in October 2012?
  A) Salman Khurshid
  B) S. Jaipal Reddy
  C) Veerappa Moily
  D) Ashwani Kumar
47 Which country has recently unveiled Asia’s biggest radio telescope which can be used to collect data from Satellites with higher accuracy?
  A) Japan
  B) China
  C) South Korea
  D) India
48 Which Online portal/page Indian Railways has recently to track movements of all the running trains across the country?
  A) RailTracker
  B) RailInquiry
  C) RailRunningInfo
  D) RailRadar
49 Who has been re-elected as the President of Venezuela for the third time in a row in October 2012?
  A) Henrique Capriles
  B) Fiedel Kastro
  C) Hugo Chavez
  D) None of These
50 India’s overall retail inflation for September stood at?
  A) 9.9%
  B) 10.03%
  C) 9.79%
  D) 9.73%


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