Current Affairs October 2012 Quiz – 13

121 Industry chamber FICCI has appointed whom as its Secretary General with effect from November 1?
  A) Ramesh Abhishek
  B) Rajiv Kumar
  C) A. Didar Singh
  D) Adi Godrej
122 Saina Nehwal has defeated world No.1 Chinese Wang Yihan recently in which series?
  A) Bangkok Open Super Series
  B) Malaysia Open Super Series
  C) Denmark Open Super Series Premier
  D) Beijing Open Super Series
123 India and which other country has recently announced the launch of nuclear negotiations for a civil nuclear deal that will enable the sale of uranium?
  A) Australia
  B) New Zealand
  C) France
  D) UK
124 Which formula one team has recently got into controversy for its decision to carry the logo of Italian Navys flag on its cars at the Indian Grand Prix as a mark of support for the two Italian marines held here as prisoners?
  A) Red Bull
  B) Sauber
  C) Ferrari
  D) Marcedez
125 Which famous ship that appeared in Hollywood movies like Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest has sinked due to Sandy?
  A) HBS Titanic
  B) HBS Bounty
  C) HMS Mounty
  D) HMS Bounty
126 China blocked access to the English as well as Chinese-language website of which magazine after the website published article on the Prime Minister Wen Jiabao with a claim that he and his family has created a total asset of at least US dollar 2.7 Million?
  A) Fortune
  B) New York Times
  C) Forbes
  D) Time
127 India’s top squash player Joshna Chinappa won the IJM Land Penang Open after defeating top most squash player Siti Munirah Jusoh in straight games on 30 October 2012. Siti Munirah Jusoh is from which country?
  A) USA
  B) France
  C) UK
  D) Malaysia
128 Which state tops the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) list of being best-performing States and Union territories in terms of environmental well-being released by Planning Commission in October 2012?
  A) Himachal Pradesh
  B) Chandigarh
  C) Uttarakhand
  D) Sikkim
129 The well known educational programme known for training economically backward section for the IIT-JEE, Super 30 has entered into an agreement with which University to sponsor its student a chance to study there?
  A) University of Beijing
  B) University of Tokyo
  C) National University of Singapore
  D) Oxford University
130 The Supreme Court has lifted its interim ban on tourism in core areas of tiger reserves across the country in October 2012. As per the new Guidelines, a maximum of ______ of the core area is going to be outlined for regulated tourism.
  A) 20%
  B) 15%
  C) 25%
  D) 10%


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  1. Current Affairs October 2012 Quiz – 13 Answers…
    121 Ans) A. Didar Singh
    122 Ans) Denmark Open Super Series Premier
    123 Ans) Australia
    124 Ans) Ferrari
    125 Ans) HMS Bounty
    126 Ans) New York Times
    127 Ans) Malaysia
    128 Ans) Uttarakhand
    129 Ans) University of Tokyo
    130 Ans) 20%

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