Current Affairs Oct 2014 Quiz 9

81Richard Flanagan won the 50000 pounds Man Booker Prize for his wartime novelThe Narrow Road to the Deep North in Oct 2014. He is from which country?
B) New Zealand
C) Australia
82"World Post Office Day" is observed on ____________.
A) 4-Oct
B) 8-Oct
C) 9-Oct
D) 3-Oct

83Famous __________ writer and former radio artiste, Turaga Janaki Rani passed away in Oct 2014. Janaki Rani had retired as assistant station director of AIR and was popularly known as -Radio Akkayya.- She used to conduct Balanandam, one of the popular programmes and was also awarded with the national best broadcaster award for two years in 1991 and 1992.
A) Tamil
B) Telugu
C) Malayalam
D) Marathi
84Five countries have been elected as non-permanent members of United Nations Security Council (UNSC) in Oct 2014. They will join join five other non-permanent members, namely Chad, Chile, Jordan, Lithuania and Nigeria. Who in the list is not among them?
A) Angola
B) Venezuela
C) Malaysia
D) Bangladesh
85Veteran actress __________ was made a member of the Order of the Companions of Honour by Queen Elizabeth at a special ceremony at Windsor Castle in Berkshire in recognition of her services to drama for more than six decades in Oct 2014.
A) Sophie McShera
B) Maggie Smith
C) Judi Dench
D) Michelle Dockery
86Which poet and writer was awarded with the 2014 Cultural Medallion award which is the highest cultural award of Singapore in Oct 2014?
A) KTM Iqbal
B) Visvanatha Sastriyar
C) R. Radhakrishnan
D) T. K. Doraiswamy
87In a significant step towards fiscal consolation, Central Government has announced de-control of ___________ pricing with immediate effect in Oct 2014.
A) Kerosene
B) Petrol
C) Diesel
88India's indigenously developed nuclear capable cruise missile ___________ was successfully test-fired from Chandipur in Odisha in Oct 2014. The nuclear capable cruise missile was indigenously developed by DRDO and can strike targets more than 700 kms away.
A) Aakash
B) Nirbhay
C) Brahmos
D) Agni-I
89India-born scientist __________ has been awarded with the prestigious World Food Prize 2014 for his contribution in the field of agricultural research in Oct 2014. His research helped to increase world wheat production based on the successes of the Green Revolution.
A) Jagadeesh Moodera
B) Sanjaya Rajaram
C) Ramesh Jain
D) Arun Netravali
90Which team was the runners-up of the Champions League T20 2014 title held in Sep-Oct 2014?
A) Kolkata Knight Riders
B) Kings Eleven Punjab
C) Chennai Super Kings
D) None of These

81Ans) Australia
82Ans) 9-Oct
83Ans) Telugu
84Ans) Bangladesh
85Ans) Maggie Smith
86Ans) KTM Iqbal
87Ans) Diesel
88Ans) Nirbhay
89Ans) Sanjaya Rajaram
90Ans) Kolkata Knight Riders

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