Current Affairs Oct 2014 Quiz - 21

201Which country became the first European Union (EU) country to officially recognise the State of Palestine in Oct 2014?
A) Switzerland
B) Sweden
C) Poland
D) Germany
202"World Osteoporosis Day" is observed on ____________.
A) 27-Oct
B) 24-Oct
C) 20-Oct
D) 23-Oct

203India ended its 17th Asian Games journey at the Eighth place on the medal tally with total 57 medals in Oct 2014. India won how many gold medals?
A) 10 Gold Medals
B) 11 Gold Medals
C) 12 Gold Medals
D) 13 Gold Medals
204Asia Index Pvt Ltd (AIPL), a joint venture between S&P Dow Jones Indices and __________, has announced the launch of two more indices for investors in Indian market for Future Index and CPSE Index in Oct 2014.
A) National Stock Exchange
B) Bombay Stock Exchange
C) Commodity Stock Exchange
D) None of These
205"World Standard Day" is observed on ____________.
A) 15-Oct
B) 10-Oct
C) 22-Oct
D) 11-Oct
206Who won the China Open Women's singles title in Oct 2014?
A) Eugenie Bouchard
B) Serena Williams
C) Maria Sharapova
D) Petra Kvitova
207Noted lyricist ________ was honoured with the National Kishore Kumar Award for 2012-13 (presented in Oct 2014).
A) Guljar
B) Javed Akhtar
C) Sameer
D) None of These
208Who is the author of the book "A Man and A Motorcycle, How Hamid Karzai Came to Power" written by __________ was launched in Oct 2014.
A) Youssof Kohzad
B) Danish Karokhel
C) Emal Pasarly
D) Bette Dam
209Narendra Modi government named three persons, Pradip Burman, Goabased mining firm Timblo Pvt Ltd and its five directors and Rajkot-based bullion trader Pankaj Chimanlal Lodhiya in black money case. Pradip Burman was associated with which Indian FMCG group?
A) Marico
B) Dabur
C) Unilever
D) Wipro
210A significant oil discovery has been made in Oct 2014 near in the Cambay basin in which Indian state that may be the biggest onland find this year?
A) Madharashtra
B) Andhra Pradesh
C) Gujarat
D) Karnataka

201Ans) Sweden
202Ans) 20-Oct
203Ans) 11 Gold Medals
204Ans) Bombay Stock Exchange
205Ans) 14-Oct
206Ans) Maria Sharapova
207Ans) Sameer
208Ans) Bette Dam
209Ans) Dabur
210Ans) Gujarat

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