Current Affairs Oct 2014 Quiz - 19

181Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday launched the 'Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana' in Oct 2014. Under the programme, each MP will take the responsibility of developing physical and institutional infrastructure in ________ villages by 2019.
A) One
B) Two
C) Three
D) Four
182"World Arthiritis Day" is observed on ____________.
A) 17-Oct
B) 12-Oct
C) 20-Oct
D) 23-Oct

183American ________ Elizabeth Pena died in Oct 2014 in Los Angeles following a brief illness.
A) Actress
B) Author
C) Musician
D) Singer
184Which bank has launched the -e-Mandate- (digital mandate) service in Oct 2014 for the utility companies for monthly subscriptions/bill payments?
A) Allahabad Bank
B) Punjab National Bank
C) Corporation Bank
D) Bank of Baroda
185Which country has the largest number of polio cases (80%) in the world, as per World Health Organisation data published in Oct 2014?
A) Afghanistan
B) Pakistan
C) Nigeria
D) Iran
186Lu Shanglei of ________ defeated Aleksander Indjic of Serbia in the 13th and final round to win the World junior Chess title in Oct 2014.
A) Japan
B) Thailand
C) China
D) Malaysia
187The International Cricket Council (ICC) awarded the global broadcast agreement rights for ICC Events from 2015 to 2023 to _____________ in Oct 2014.
A) Set Max
B) Star India and Star Middle East
C) Ten Sports
D) None of These
188"The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty" is observed on ____________.
A) 18-Oct
B) 19-Oct
C) 17-Oct
D) 23-Oct
189A five-year-old Indian boy, _________, has become the youngest person to reach the Everest Base Camp (EBC) in Oct 2014.
A) Harshit Sharma
B) Harshit Saumitra
C) Amit Saumitra
D) None of These
190Which country announced the inaugural Dadabhai Naoroji Awards in Oct 2014 to honour individuals who have worked to strengthen the relationship with India over the years?
A) Germany
D) Singapore

181Ans) Three
182Ans) 12-Oct
183Ans) Actress
184Ans) Corporation Bank
185Ans) Pakistan
186Ans) China
187Ans) Star India and Star Middle East
188Ans) 17-Oct
189Ans) Harshit Saumitra
190Ans) UK

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