Current Affairs Oct 2014 Quiz 1

1Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched Swachh Bharat Abhiyan from Valmiki Basti in New Delhi in Oct 2014 with the aim of making India as a clean country by Which year?
A) 2018
B) 2019
C) 2020
D) 2021
2Software giant Microsoft Corp. officially announced that new ___________ Operating System which will replace the current operating system -Windows 8- in Oct 2014.
A) Windows 9
B) Windows 10
C) Windows Spectra
D) None of These

3Vigilance Commissioner ________ has been authorized to act as the chief of the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) by President Pranab Mukherjee in Oct 2014.
A) Pradeep Kumar
B) A.K. Mishra
C) Rajiv
D) Ashok Kumar
4Google closed its old social networking site Orkut permanently on 30th September 2014 after how many years of launching the site?
A) 8 Years
B) 10 Years
C) 14 Years
D) 16 Years
5The European Central Bank (ECB) has kept its benchmark interest rate unchanged at record low of ________ in Oct 2014.
A) 0.025%
B) 0.05%
C) 0.1%
D) 0.5%
6"International Day for the Elderly" is observed on ____________.
A) 5-Oct
B) 8-Oct
C) 2-Oct
D) 1-Oct
7The US has signed an agreement with India to help India to develop three smart cities as a part of India-s recently launched 100 smart city programme in Oct 2014. Which in the list is not part of these three cities?
A) Visakhapatnam
B) Ajmer
C) Allahabad
D) Veranasi
8Indian hockey team won the gold medal at the Asian Games after defeating defending champion __________ in the final match in penalty shootout in oct 2014.
A) Germany
B) Australia
C) Pakistan
D) China
9Indian boxer __________ became the first Indian woman boxer to win a gold medal at the Asian Games hled in Sep-Oct 2014.
A) L Sarita Devi
B) M C Mary Kom
C) Sarjubala Devi
D) Kavita Goyat
10Which Indian boxer stunned officials and spectators by refusing to accept the bronze medal in order to protest a controversial decision by the judges in her semifinal match in the women's light weight (57-60kg) at the Asian Games hled in Sep-Oct 2014?
A) L Sarita Devi
B) M C Mary Kom
C) Sarjubala Devi
D) Kavita Goyat

1Ans) 2019
2Ans) Windows 10
3Ans) Pradeep Kumar
4Ans) 10 Years
5Ans) 0.05%
6Ans) 1-Oct
7Ans) Veranasi
8Ans) Pakistan
9Ans) M C Mary Kom
10Ans) L Sarita Devi

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