Current Affairs November 2016 Quiz - 9

81Padmashri _________________ has been awarded with Kalidas Samman in Ujjain.
 A) Kamal Kishore Goyanka
 B) Prof Rajbisaria
 C) Prabhu Nath Dwivedi
 D) MYS Prasad
82Direct tax collection have soared over ____________ during April-October period of 2016-17 of current financial year.
 A) 5%
 B) 10%
 C) 12%
 D) 20%

83_____________________ has been appointed as the new interim Chairman of Tata Consultancy services.
 A) V S Subbarao
 B) B V Nimbkar
 C) Ishaat Hussain
 D) S Ramadorai
84Who has become the Brand ambassador of 2nd T20 World Cup for the blind?
 A) Sachin Tendulkar
 B) Rahul Dravid
 C) Yuvraj Singh
 D) saurav Ganguli
85"National Epilepsy Day" is observed on ____________.
 A) 14-Nov
 B) 19-Nov
 C) 17-Nov
 D) 16-Nov
86_______________________ has won the physique title at the recently concluded National Physique Committee(NPC) Eastern USA in New Jarsay, US.
 A) Kalveen Culidge
 B) Junaid Kaliwala
 C) Hervert Hoover
 D) Ronie Coleman
87World Science Day for peace and development was observed on __________________. Theme of 2016 was -Celebrating Science Centres and Science Museums-.
 A) 20th November
 B) 10th November
 C) 25th November
 D) 12th November
88____________________ has re-elected as the Director-General (DG) of the International LabourOrganisation (ILO) for another five-year term.
 A) Juan Somavia
 B) Guy Ryder
 C) Richard Nixon
 D) Lyndon Johnson
89Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship Award has won by Former World Number One Tennis player ___________________.
 A) Pete Sampras
 B) Rafael Nadal
 C) Roger Federrer
 D) Novak Djokovic
90India-born ____________________won the Washington State Senate seat to become the first Indian-American woman to be elected to the US House of Representatives.
 A) Ami Bera
 B) Pramila Jayapal
 C) Satish Hiremath
 D) Satveer Chaudhary

81Ans) Prof Rajbisaria
82Ans) 10%
83Ans) Ishaat Hussain
84Ans) Rahul Dravid
85Ans) 17-Nov
86Ans) Junaid Kaliwala
87Ans) 10th November
88Ans) Guy Ryder
89Ans) Roger Federrer
90Ans) Pramila Jayapal

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