Current Affairs November 2016 Quiz - 7

61Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matriva Abhiyan to provide free health check-ups to __________________ at government health centers and hospital has been launched.
 A) Old Women
 B) pregnant women
 C) Widow Women
 D) Married Womem
62The new managing director and CEO of Bank of Baroda is________.
 A) Ratness Kumar
 B) Dinesh kumar Khara
 C) B.Sriram
 D) Rajnish Kumar

63The 39th Jamunalal Bajaj Foundation Awards 2016 has been given to ____________________.
 A) Praveen Kumar Gupta
 B) Surendra Koulagi
 C) Sheikh Rached Ghannouchi
 D) Jayanta Mathkar
64______________________- won US Presidential Election to become 45th President of the USA. He defeated Democrat candidate Hilary Clinton in the Presidential Election held yesterday.
 A) Hilari Clinton
 B) Donald Trump
 C) Ronald Reagan
 D) Bill Clinton
65 Who has been re-elected as director general of the International Labour Organisation (ILO)?.
 A) Juan Somavia
 B) Guy Ryder
 C) Richard Nixon
 D) Lyndon Johnson
66"Diabetes Day" is observed on ____________.
 A) 14-Nov
 B) 9-Nov
 C) 5-Nov
 D) 11-Nov
67Worlds first__________________ and zero-emission passenger train was unveiled.
 A)  Electric Powered
 B)  Mithen Powered
 C)  hydrogen powered
 D)  LPG powered
68__________________, the first woman Attorney General of USA has passed away at the age of 78.
 A) Jimmy Carter
 B) Rosalynn Carter
 C) Janet Reno
 D) Barbara Bush
69The first liquefied natural gas driven bus of India has been launched in __________________.
 A) Hydrabad
 B) Kerala
 C) Karnataka
 D) Tamilnadu
70Who has won the Tata Literature Live! Lifetime Achievement Award?
 A) Amitabh Ghosh
 B) Tanuj Solanki
 C) Manu S Pillai
 D) Vinay Sitapati

61Ans) pregnant women
62Ans) Ratness Kumar
63Ans) Sheikh Rached Ghannouchi
64Ans) Donald Trump
65Ans) Guy Ryder
66Ans) 14-Nov
67Ans) hydrogen powered
68Ans) Janet Reno
69Ans) Kerala
70Ans) Amitabh Ghosh

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