Current Affairs November 2016 Quiz - 6

51The newly appointed managing director and CEO of Central Registry of Securitisation Asset Reconstruction and Security interest of India is___________________.
 A) Prakash Sharma
 B) Praveen Yadav
 C) Praveen kumar Sharma
 D) Pradip Gupta
52______________ has become the first firm to get debt recast uder RBI-s new scheme for sustainable structuring of stressed Assets (S4A).
 A) Parsvnath Developers
 B) Unitec
 C) Kingfisher Airlines
 D) Hindustan Construction company

53Scientists from Indian Institute of technology (Kharagpur) claim to have found avidence confirming the existence of a Mythical Indian River, _________.
 A) Brahmmaputra
 B) Iravati
 C) Chandravaga
 D) Godabori
54_____________________, former Union Minister and BJP Leader has passed away.
 A) susant Kumar
 B) Jayawant Iben Mehta
 C) Jayanta Advani
 D) Vijay Mehta
55COP 22, the UN climate change conference has begun debates on rules to implement the _________ agreement in Nov 2016.
 A) New York
 B) Geneva
 C) London
 D) Paris
56India and the________________have signed two agreements to boost cordial relations between two nations.
 A) Africa
 B) US
 C)  UK
 D) Europe
57World Science Day for Peace and Development, also known as the World Science Day, was observed on ________  across the world.
 A) 5th November
 B) 10th November
 C) 15th November
 D) 18th November
58The _____________ has announced that 4 rupee denominated bond of worth 600 million pounds are expected to be listed in London.
 A) Govt. of South Africa
 B) British Govt.
 C) European Union
 D) Govt. of US
59India's Index of industrial production (IIP) grew by just ________________ percent in September this year compared to same month last year.
 A) 1.7
 B) 0.7
 C) 2.0
 D) 0.8
60The new chairman of Fund Trustee and Advisory Commission of Kerala is __________________.
 A) Ravindar Singh
 B) Amit Shah
 C) Vinod Rai
 D) Nitin Gadkari

51Ans) Praveen kumar Sharma
52Ans) Hindustan Construction company
53Ans) Chandravaga
54Ans) Jayawant Iben Mehta
55Ans) Paris
56Ans) UK
57Ans) 10th November
58Ans) British Govt.
59Ans) 0.7
60Ans) Vinod Rai

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