Current Affairs November 2016 Quiz - 2

11_____________ has taken over the charge as Chairman of the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT).
 A) Rani Singh Nair
 B) Sushil Bhatt
 C) Sushil Chandra
 D) Akhil Gupta
12The Australian Government has announced 19 grants worth _____________________ Dollars for several projects in the field of Education Science, Sports, Arts and Culture.
 A) 6.3 Billion
 B) 6.3 million
 C) 6.5 Billion
 D) 5.2 Billion

13____________________ has launched an overdraft facility for home loans up to Rs.1 crore or personal need against the property of the salary person.
 A) HDFC Bank
 B) IDBI Bank
 C) ICICI Bank
 D) HDBI Bank
14______________, winner of national finals of ACG-NBA Jump was selected 11th in the fourth round of the NBA D league draft held in New York.
 A) Blake Griffin
 B) Palpreet Singh
 C) Mukstar Sahaib
 D) Satnam Singh
15Which Indian sportsperson remained the most valued Indian athlete in 2016, as per Forbes Fab 40 list released in Nov 2016?
 A) Sachin Tendulkar
 B) Mahendra Singh Dhoni
 C) Virat Kohli
 D) Saina Nehwal
16Donald Trump won US Presidential Election to become ________ President of the USA.
 A) 41st
 B) 42nd
 C) 45th
 D) 48th
17"Legal Services Day" is observed on ____________.
 A) 14-Nov
 B) 9-Nov
 C) 5-Nov
 D) 11-Nov
18______________________ is the first sikh to be appointed to the Canadian Senate.
 A) Harjit Sajjan
 B) Sarabjit Singh Marwah
 C) Amarjeet Sohi
 D) Bardish Chagger
19Who has appointed as the new chief executive officer of International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and the International Development Association (IDA) of the World Bank Group?
 A) Mukstar Hawk
 B) Satnam Singh
 C) Jim Yong Kim
 D) Kristalina Georgieva
20The next ambassador of India to the Republic of Lebanon is ___________________________.
 A) Sanjib Singh
 B) Gour
 C) Sanjib Arora
 D) Arjit Aora

11Ans) Sushil Chandra
12Ans) 6.3 million
13Ans) ICICI Bank
14Ans) Palpreet Singh
15Ans) Mahendra Singh Dhoni
16Ans) 45th
17Ans) 9-Nov
18Ans) Sarabjit Singh Marwah
19Ans) Kristalina Georgieva
20Ans) Sanjib Arora

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