Current Affairs November 2016 Quiz - 16

151The new interim Chairman of selectors of Australia Cricket is________________.
A) Rod Marsh
B) Mark Waugh
C) Trevor Hohns
D) Avril Fahey
152_______________________, President of Russia has signed an executive order for removing its signature from the international Criminal Court-s founding treaty.
A) Matthew Mott
B) Vladimir Putin
C) Avril Fahey
D) Shawn Flegler

153"International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women" is observed on ____________.
A) 25-Nov
B) 21-Nov
C) 20-Nov
D) 22-Nov
154Oxford Dictionaries has declared -_____________- to be its international word of the year citing a 2000 % in its usage.
A) Xenophovia
B) post- truth
C) walmart
D) google maps
155The three-Day Great Indian Film and Literature festival will start at DLF-Cyber Hub,___________________.
A) Pune
B)  Gurugram
C) Mumbai
D) Goa
156A team of women commandos has been inducted for the first time in Central Reserve Police Force(CRPF) to counter __________insurgency in Jharkhand.
A) Akhil Bharat Nepali Ekta Samaj
B) Al-Qaeda
C) Naxal
D) Al-Badr
157India-s retail inflation, measured by consumer price index, dropped to a 14-month low of _____________ per cent in October this year and overall retail food inflation dropped to 3.32 per cent in October.
A) 7.3
B) 4.2
C) 4.5
D) 2.3
158India-s overall inflation, measured by Wholesale Price Index, eased to ______________ in October this year compared to 3.57% in September and (-)3.7% in October last year.
A) 4.39%
B) 1.36%
C) 3.56%
D) 3.39%
159Aditya Puri of HDFC bank has been ranked ________________ in the Fortune magazine-s top 50 business person list 2016.
A) 40th
B) 36th
C) 25th
D) 21th
160The ________________ SGFI National School Football Championship 2016 has been inaugurated at Netaji Stadium, Port Blair.
A) 62nd
B) 31st
C) 50th
D) 52nd

151Ans) Trevor Hohns
152Ans) Vladimir Putin
153Ans) 25-Nov
154Ans) post- truth
155Ans) Gurugram
156Ans) Naxal insurgency
157Ans) 4.2
158Ans) 3.39%
159Ans) 36th
160Ans) 62nd

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