Current Affairs November 2016 Quiz - 14

131The moon arrived at its closest point to the Earth on _____________________ 2016 after 1948.
A) 28th November
B) 14th November
C) 20th November
D) 24th November
132India-s first ____________________ Festival, which is widely celebrated in Japan, has started in Meghalaya.
A) Gion Matsuri
B) Cherry Blossom
C) Awa Odori
D) Yuki Matsuri

133____________________ Fair has been started at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.
A) Modhera Dance Festival
B) India International Trade
C) Pushkar Mela
D) Hornbill Festival
134India and _____________________ have signed two agreements in the Field of water resources management and agriculture.
A) Bangaladesh
B) Israel
C) Mayanmar
D) Bhutan
135 Which company has announced to setup an Industrial training Institute in Mehsana District of Gujrat?.
A) Mahendra and Mahendra
B) Suzuki Motor Corporation
C) Volkswagen
D) Tata Motors
136Who has won first Asian Tour Tittle in Philippines?.
A) Shiv Chawrasia
B) SSP Chawrasia
C) Arjun Atwal
D) Gaganjeet Bhullar
137_______________________, veteran RSS leader and leading educationalist of Saurashta region has passed away at the age of 82.
A) Madhukar Dattatraya Deoras
B) Pravin Maniar
C) Mohan Bhagwat
D) K. S. Sudarshan
138The international Day for Tolerance is observed on __________________annually.
A) 15th November
B) 10th November
C) 16th November
D) 26th November
139 Which airline has been named as the best airline in the world?.
A) Air India
B) Air New zealand
C) Singapore Airlines
D) Qatar Airways
140________________________, former New zealand women-s cricket team captain has become the first-ever female head of a test playing nation's cricket board.
A) Suzie Bates
B) Sophie Devine
C) Natalie Dodd
D) Debbie Hockley

131Ans) 14th November
132Ans) Cherry Blossom
133Ans) India International Trade
134Ans) Israel
135Ans) Suzuki Motor Corporation
136Ans) SSP Chawrasia
137Ans) Pravin Maniar
138Ans) 16th November
139Ans) Air New zealand
140Ans) Debbie Hockley

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