Current Affairs November 2016 Quiz - 1

1The EU and Canada signed a free trade deal, known as Ceta which will remove most of the import duties between these two regions. Canadian PM ____________________ and top EU officials signed the comprehensive economic and trade agreement deal.
 A)† Stephen Harper
 B)† Josť Manuel Barroso
 C) Justin Trudeau
 D) Sigmar Gabriel
2Germany's famous striker Miroslav Klose, the all-time World Cup top-scorer, announced his retirement from International Football at the age of 38. He scored _______________________ goals in 307 matches including 16 World Cup goals.
 A) 121
 B) 140
 C) 258
 D) 396

3Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has released the report on State-wise Ease of Doing Business rankings. ___________ and Telengana topped the all-India ranking with 98.78% each.
 A) Andhra Pradesh
 B) Madhya Pradesh
 C) Maharashtra
 D) Gujarat
4Which state has been ranked at No 1 state in terms implementation of agricultural reforms and offers the best environment for doing agri-business, as per an assessment by the Niti Aayog. Maharashtra is followed by Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.
 A) Andhra Pradesh
 B) Madhya Pradesh
 C) Maharashtra
 D) Gujarat
5_______________________ has become the third Open Defecation Free (ODF) state in the country after Himachal Pradesh and Sikkim had declared themselves Open Defecation Free.
 A) Gujarat
 B) Madhya pradesh
 C) Kerala
 D) Karnataka
6The Central Vigilance Commission has now made it mandatory for the public-sector banks to report to it all transactions involving funds over Rs ______________ in order to avoid any alleged frauds.
 A) 1 Lakh
 B) 1 crore
 C) 2 Core
 D) 10 Lakh
7_______________________, Twitter's India head has quit the company. He was the vice-president for Asia Pacific, which includes India, West Asia and North Africa for Twitter.
 A) Sandberg
 B) Diego Dzodan
 C) Rishi Jaitly
 D) Alexandre Hohagen
8"World Radiography Day" is observed on ____________.
 A) 14-Nov
 B) 9-Nov
 C) 5-Nov
 D) 11-Nov
9The international day to end impunity for crimes against journalist is observed on _____________________.
 A) 2nd October
 B) 12th Novenber
 C) 2nd November
 D) 22nd November
10To help the farmers of ___________________________, Prime Minister Nrendra Modi has launched the Saur Sujala Yojna which would provide solar powered irrigation pumps at a subsidized price.
 A) Jharkhand
 B) Odisha
 C) Chhattisgarh
 D) Bihar

1Ans) Justin Trudeau
2Ans) 121
3Ans) Andhra Pradesh
4Ans) Maharashtra
5Ans) Kerala
6Ans) 1 crore
7Ans) Rishi Jaitly
8Ans) 5-Nov
9Ans) 2nd November
10Ans) Chhattisgarh

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