Current Affairs November 2015 Quiz - 14

131Tianhe-2 supercomputer of which country has emerged as the world-s most powerful supercomputer system for the sixth consecutive time? It was unveiled in 46th edition of Top500 list of supercomputers
 A) Japan
 C) China
 D) UK
132Which country won Fed Cup crown after beating Russia in final day's play in Prague in Nov 2015?
 A) Germany
 B) Czech Republic
 C) UK
 D) France

133The Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced the appointment of __________  as Special Representative for Somalia and Head of the UN Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) in Nov 2015.
 A) Kofi Annan
 B) Boutros Boutros-Ghali
 C) Michael Keating
 D) Kurt Waldheim
134Noted _____________ Dr. T.S. Papola passed away in New Delhi in Nov 2015. He was 74.
 A) Historian
 B) author
 C) economist
 D) Journalist
135"Public Service Broadcasting Day" is observed on ____________.
 A) 18-Nov
 B) 11-Nov
 C) 17-Nov
 D) 12-Nov
136Who has been ranked as the world-s most powerful person by Forbes magazine for the year 2015, as per list published in Nov 2015.
 A) Angela Merkel
 B) Barack Obama
 C) Vladimir Putin
 D) Xi Jinping

131Ans) China
132Ans) Czech Republic
133Ans) Michael Keating
134Ans) economist
135Ans) 12-Nov
136Ans) Vladimir Putin

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