Current Affairs November 2015 Quiz - 13

121Who was sworn in as new President of Tanzania in Nov 2015?
 A) John Pombe Magufuli
 B) Jakaya Kikwete
 C) Edward Lowassa
 D) Samia Suluhu
122The book titled Rebooting India: Realizing a Billion Aspirations authored by ___________ and Viral Shah was released in November 2015. The book talks about the demographic dividend of India, which is expected to be the world-s youngest country by 2020 with 64 percent (roughly 800 million) of its population of working age.
 A) Azim Premji
 B) Nandan Nilekani
 C) N R Narayana Murthy
 D) None of These

123Which country as a nation has has been ranked as the world's most valued 'nation brand' in Nov 2015?
 B) China
 C) Germany
 D) Japan
124The Committee of Eminent Persons (CEP), constituted by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Council under the Chairmanship of ___________ to suggest reforms to the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), submitted its report in Nov 2015.
 A) Sivaramakrishnan
 B) Ashok Lahiri
 C) A P Shah
 D) Ashok Misra
125"World Fisheries day" is observed on ____________.
 A) 18-Nov
 B) 21-Nov
 C) 20-Nov
 D) 22-Nov
126Indian-origin barrister in UK, _____________- was sworn-in as a Circuit Judge in the UK in Nov 2015.
 A) Lord Swaraj Paul
 B) Kalyani Kaul
 C) Amit Paul
 D) None of These
127Which Indian IT Services Company launched a new Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Internet of Things (IoT) in collaboration with Intel in Nov 2015?
 B) Wipro
 C) Infosys
 D) Tata Consultancy Services
12823rd Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders Summit was held at _________ from 18 November to 19 November 2015.
 A) Tokyo
 B) Beijing
 C) Manila
 D) New Delhi
129Former Chief of the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) ______________ passed away on 17 November 2015 in Bengaluru. He was also credited with the liberation of Bangladesh from Pakistan in 1971. It was under his leadership that RAW helped find the guerrilla fighters troupe Mukti Bahini and train them.
 A) Rameshwarnath Kao
 B) K. Sankaran Nair
 C) Rajinder Khanna
 D) Sanjeev Tripathi
130"National Education Day of India" is observed on ____________.
 A) 18-Nov
 B) 11-Nov
 C) 17-Nov
 D) 12-Nov

121Ans) John Pombe Magufuli
122Ans) Nandan Nilekani
123Ans) USA
124Ans) Ashok Misra
125Ans) 21-Nov
126Ans) Kalyani Kaul
127Ans) Tata Consultancy Services
128Ans) Manila
129Ans) K. Sankaran Nair
130Ans) 11-Nov

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