Current Affairs November 2015 Quiz - 11

101Famous  ____________Mahip Singh passed away at a private hospital in Gurgaon after a brief illness in Nov 2015. He was 85.
 A) Historian
 B) social activist
 C) economist
 D) Journalist
102Which foreign bank has announced that it is shutting its private banking unit in India in Nov 2015?
 B) HSBC Bank
 C) Barclays
 D) Bank of America

103Dubai-based hospitality and event management company Grand Midwest Group has appointed Indian Cricketer _____________ as its Brand Ambassador for three years in Nov 2015.
 A) Suresh Raina
 B) Virat Kohli
 C) Mahendra Singh Dhoni
 D) Rohit Sharma
104For the first time in History, women in which country were allowed to vote and contest in municipal elections in Nov 2015 as per a royal decree issued in 2011?
 A) Syria
 B) Iran
 C) Iraq
 D) Saudi Arabia
105"International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women" is observed on ____________.
 A) 25-Nov
 B) 21-Nov
 C) 20-Nov
 D) 22-Nov
106International Cricket Council (ICC) has suspended which off-spinner ___________ from bowling in international cricket in Nov 2015 with immediate effect after an independent assessment found his bowling action to be illegal.
 A) Saeed Ajmal
 B) Imran Tahir
 C) Sunil Narine
 D) Muhammad Abdul Hafeez
107Which country have won the Davis Cup for the first time since 1936 in Nov 2015?
 A) Australia
 B) France
 C) Great Britain
 D) Germany
108Who won the Abu Dhabi Formula One Grand Prix held held at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, UAE in Nov 2015?
 A) Lewis Hamilton
 B) Sebastian Vettel
 C) Nico Rosberg
 D) Kimi Raikkonen
109Indian off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin jumped to his career-best ___________ ranking in the ICC Test rankings for bowlers published in Nov 2015.
 A) first
 B) second
 C) third
 D) fourth
110"National Integration Day" is observed on ____________.
 A) 18-Nov
 B) 21-Nov
 C) 20-Nov
 D) 19-Nov

101Ans) Journalist
102Ans) HSBC Bank
103Ans) Mahendra Singh Dhoni
104Ans) Saudi Arabia
105Ans) 25-Nov
106Ans) Sunil Narine
107Ans) Great Britain
108Ans) Nico Rosberg
109Ans) second
110Ans) 19-Nov

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