Current Affairs November 2013 Quiz 5

41Shares of which micro-blogging site made its debut on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in Nov 2013?
 A) Orkut
 B) LinkedIn
 C) Twitter
 D) Facebook
42Which global drug company ______ has agreed to acquire US's ViroPharma - a rare disease biopharmaceutical firm - for about USD 4.2 billion in Nov 2013?
 A) Pfizer
 B) Shire
 C) Daichi
 D) Glaxo
43The European Central Bank (ECB) has cut its benchmark interest rate by 25 bps to a record low of ___________ in Nov 2013?
 A) 0.75%
 B) 0.5%
 C) 0.25%
 D) 0.00%
44"Diabetes Day" is observed on ____________.
 A) 14-Nov
 B) 9-Nov
 C) 5-Nov
 D) 11-Nov
45The euro zone economic growth stood at _____ in the July-to-September period (announced in Nov 2013).
 A) 0.3%
 B) 0.5%
 C) 0.1%
 D) -0.2%
46India's Trade deficit stood at _________ in October (published in Nov 2013).
 A) USD 10.9 billion
 B) USD 9.7 billion
 C) USD 10.55 billion
 D) USD 12.8 billion
47Who won Miss Universe 2013 contest held at Crocus City Hall in Moscow, Russia in November 2013?
 A) Gabriela Isler from Venezuela
 B) Patricia Yurena Rodriguez from Spain
 C) Constanza Baez from Ecuador
 D) None of These
48Who was elected New York City's first Democratic mayor in two decades in Nov 2013?
 A) Michael Bloomberg
 B) Joe Lhota
 C) Bill de Blasio
 D) Bill Thompson
49US economic growth stood at ________ (annual growth rate) in the third quarter (July to September) of the current year (announced in Nov 2013).
 A) 2.5%
 B) 2.8%
 C) 3.1%
 D) 1.7%
50The V.C. Padmanabhan Memorial Award 2013 for Ecology and Environment Conservation was presented to whom in Nov 2013?
 A) Mushirul Hasan
 B) Shiraz Naval Minwalla
 C) Madhav Gadgil
 D) Burra Gautham Sidharth

Check below for answers.........
41Ans) Twitter
42Ans) Shire
43Ans) 0.25%
44Ans) 14-Nov
45Ans) 0.1%
46Ans) USD 10.55 billion
47Ans) Gabriela Isler from Venezuela
48Ans) Bill de Blasio
49Ans) 2.8%
50Ans) Madhav Gadgil