Current Affairs November 2013 Quiz 23

221Three persons were chosen for the GG2 Hammer Award, for their bravery at the GG2 (Garavi Gujarat 2) Leadership Awards 2013 in London in Nov 2013. Who in the list is not among them?
 A) Malala Yousafzai
 B) Kainat Riaz
 C) Shazia Ramzan
 D) Lord Swaraj Paul
222Who has been named captain of the India Under-19 squad in Nov 2013 for the ACC Asia Cup cricket tournament, which will be played in the UAE in December 2013?
 A) Sanju Vishwanadh
 B) Vijay Zol
 C) Baba Aparajith
 D) KP Appanna
223euro zone's unemployment rate stood at ______ in October 2013 (announced in Nov 2013).
 A) 12.1%
 B) 12.4%
 C) 11.2%
 D) 11.5%
224The Italian Senate expelled ex- Prime Minister________ from Parliament over his tax fraud conviction in Nov 2013.
 A) Enrico Letta
 B) Pier Luigi Bersani
 C) Silvio Berlusconi
 D) Mario Monti
225Which two countries have been qualified for next year-s ICC World Twenty20 after Afghanistan and Ireland in the Qualifiers held in Nov 2013?
 A) Hong Kong and UAE
 B) Nepal and Netherlands
 C) Netherlands and Hong Kong
 D) Nepal and UAE
226Which Spanish Sportsperson  was named the greatest Spanish sports star in history by readers of Spanish sports in Nov 2013?
 A) Rafael Nadal
 B) Raúl González
 C) Iker Casillas
 D) Xabi Alonso
227Noted ________ writer Omprakash Valmiki passed away at Dehradun, Uttarakhand in Nov 2013.
 A) Sanskrit
 B) Kannada
 C) Dalit
 D) None of These
228India's Services Sector (Financing, Insurance, Real Estate and Business Services) grew at _______ for the second quarter (July - September) of the current financial year 2013-14 (announced in Nov 2013).
 A) 11.1%
 B) 8.9%
 C) 9.6%
 D) 10%
229"National Education Day of India" is observed on ____________.
 A) 18-Nov
 B) 11-Nov
 C) 17-Nov
 D) 12-Nov
230Who has been appointed as the next ambassador to the United Arab Emirates in Nov 2013?
 A) T.P. Seetharam
 B) Rajiv Mehrishi
 C) Sudhir Mital
 D) S Jaishankar

Check below for answers.........
221Ans) Lord Swaraj Paul
222Ans) Vijay Zol
223Ans) 12.1%
224Ans) Silvio Berlusconi
225Ans) Nepal and UAE
226Ans) Rafael Nadal
227Ans) Dalit
228Ans) 10%
229Ans) 11-Nov
230Ans) T.P. Seetharam