Current Affairs November 2013 Quiz 19

181Who will be awarded the coveted Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development for 2013 (Announced in Nov 2013 after an international jury headed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh chose her for the award)?
 A) Angela Merkel
 B) Melinda Gates
 C) Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
 D) None of These
182"World Toilet Day (WTD)" is observed on ____________.
 A) 18-Nov
 B) 21-Nov
 C) 20-Nov
 D) 19-Nov
183The Supreme Court has constituted a 10-member committee headed whom to deal with complaints of sexual harassment within its precincts in Nov 2013?
 A) Justice Ranjana Prakash Desai
 B) Justice Prafulla Chandra Pant
 C) Justice A.P. Shah
 D) None of These
184Who has been honoured with the -Outstanding humanitarian service award- by the American Academy of Ophthalmology in Nov 2013?
 A) Paul Antony
 B) Atul Gawande
 C) Gullapalli N. Rao
 D) Balamurali Ambati
185Goa Police filed an FIR against ________ Editor Tarun Tejpal, who has been accused by a woman journalist colleague of sexual assault in Nov 2013.
 A) Business Today
 B) India Today
 C) Tehelka
 D) Frontline
186Which two countries have been qualified for next year-s ICC World Twenty20 after winning their respective matches in the Qualifiers held in Nov 2013?
 A) Hong Kong and Afghanistan
 B) Kenya and Hong Kong
 C) Kenya  and Afghanistan
 D) Ireland and Afghanistan
187Which Indian private sector lender announced a multi-year deal with the Hockey India League (HIL) commencing with the 2014 season in Nov 2013?
 A) ICICI Bank
 B) Yes Bank
 C) HDFC Bank
 D) Kotak Mahindra Bank
188Who has been honoured with the prestigious Asian Trader Editor-s Award for his/her tireless campaigning to support small shops and convenience stores in Nov 2013?
 A) Marsha Singh
 B) Priti Patel
 C) Mancherjee Bhownagree
 D) Parmjit Singh Gill
189Which Indian American Executive has been appointed president of Standard & Poors Ratings Services, the world-s largest credit ratings firm in Nov 2013?
 A) Ajay Banga
 B) Ajit Jain
 C) Vikram Pandit
 D) Neeraj Sahai
190Some private investors from GCC countries have planned to set up the first full-fledged Islamic bank in the euro zone in 2014. The first branch will be set up in which City during the last quarter of 2014 (announced in Nov 2013).
 A) Luxembourg
 B) Paris
 C) Geneva
 D) Berlin

Check below for answers.........
181Ans) Angela Merkel
182Ans) 19-Nov
183Ans) Justice Ranjana Prakash Desai
184Ans) Gullapalli N. Rao
185Ans) Tehelka
186Ans) Ireland and Afghanistan
187Ans) Yes Bank
188Ans) Priti Patel
189Ans) Neeraj Sahai
190Ans) Luxembourg