Current Affairs November 2012 Quiz – 9


Social Activist Arvind Kejriwal’s newly formed political party was named as ____________ at a meeting of its founder members in New Delhi in Nov 2012.
  A) Aam Admi Party
  B) Janata Party
  C) Humara Party
  D) Aam Janata Party


who has been recently appointed as the next director of Central Bureau of Investigation for next two years in Nov 2012?
  A) AP Singh
  B) Sanjeev Tripathi
  C) Nehchal Sandhu
  D) Ranjit Sinha


Which Indian car maker was looking to acquire stake in British luxury car maker, Aston Martin?
  A) Mahindra and Mahindra
  B) Tata Motors
  C) Maruti Suzuki
  D) None of These


Who was recently appointed as director general of the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) in Nov 2012 after its former executive  resigned earlier the same month over the corporation’s reporting of child sex abuse?
  A) George Entwistle
  B) Chris Patten
  C) Tony Hall
  D) Mark Thompson


Indian government has announced in Nov 2012 that it will launch the pay-out of direct cash subsidy to people through the Aadhaar-based system in ___ districts of the country from January 1 next year.
  A) 51
  B) 86
  C) 76
  D) 91


The 2014 FIFA World Cup mascot has been named as ________ by the Brazilian public in Nov 2012?
  A) Goleo
  B) Fuleco
  C) Zakumi
  D) Footix


Which Global retail company has suspended its chief financial officer and other employees in India as a part of its investigation for alleged violations of US anti-bribery laws in Nov 2012?
  A) Tesco
  B) Wal-Mart
  C) Starbucks
  D) GAP


India’s GDP growth for the second quarter (July-September) of the current financial year 2012-13 stood at?
  A) 5.1%
  B) 5.5%
  C) 5.3%
  D) 5.9%


India’s manufacturing and agricultural sectors grew by just ___ and 1.2% respectively in the second quarter compared to 2.9% and 3.1% growth in the same quarter last year.
  A) 1.2%
  B) 1.8%
  C) 0.8%
  D) 0.3%


BJP leader B.S. Yeddyurappa has formally resigned from the BJP party and sent his resignation to Party Chief Nitin Gadkari in Nov 2012. He was Chief Minister of which Indian state?
  A) Andhra Pradesh
  B) Goa
  C) Karnataka
  D) Kerala


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