Current Affairs November 2012 Quiz – 7


India’s FDI regulator, Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) has approved the global furniture retailer IKEA’s proposal to open its stores in India. IKEA belongs to which country?
  A) Germany
  B) France
  C) UK
  D) Sweden


The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has recently notified the banks to stop providing any loans to its customers for purchasing gold in any form. The purpose for the step?
  A) To Check Gold Prices
  B) To reduce import of Gold
  C) To reduce risk exposure for banks
  D) To increase participation in Gold ETF.


After recent change in Chinese leadership, who will head the parliament?
  A) Wang Qishan
  B) Zhang Gaoli
  C) Zhang Dejiang
  D) Liu Yunshan


Which Indian airlines secured the no 1 position in terms of market share for October 2012?
  A) Air India
  B) Jet Airways with Jet Lite
  C) Indigo airliens
  D) Spice Jet


Nobel laureate Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has been chosen for 2012 Indira Gandhi Prize for her contribution towards Peace in her country. She is President of which country?
  A) Liberia
  B) Ghana
  C) Kenya
  D) Nigeria


Maus Freres has recently acquired French apparel company Lacoste for nearly USD 1.3 billion. Lacoste was founded by French tennis player Rene Lacoste in 1933 and a popular brand in the apparel category with the logo of “The Crocodile”. Maus Freres belongs to which country?
  A) Sweden
  B) Norway
  C) Italy
  D) Switzerland


Which global oil major has received fine of USD 4.5 billion  in Nov 2012 related to 2010 US Offshore Oil spill?
  A) Shell
  B) Chevron
  C) British Petroleum
  D) W G Kenny


Shiv Sena Chief and founder Bal Thackeray passed away in Nov 2012. He founded Shiv Sena party in which year?
  A) 1969
  B) 1966
  C) 1972
  D) 1978


Who, an  Indian-American physician, from California has become only the 3rd Indian to be elected to the US House of Representatives in Nov 2012?
  A) Bobby Jindal
  B) Dalip Singh Saund
  C) Ami Bera
  D) None of These


The euro zone consisting of 17 nations falls back into double dip recession with economic contraction for two consecutive quarters. The euro zone economy was contracted by ___ in the third quarter of the current year 2012.
  A) 0.1%
  B) 0.2%
  C) 0.5%
  D) 0.8%


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