Current Affairs November 2012 Quiz – 6


India’s headline inflation measured by the Wholesale Price Index (WPI)  for October stood at?
  A) 7.81%
  B)  9.75%
  C) 9.73%
  D) 7.45%


India’s Trade deficit touched record high in October. What was India’s trade deficit in october 2012?
  A) USD 19.36 billion
  B) USD 18.65 billion
  C) USD 20.96 billion
  D) USD 23.16 billion


India’s Index of Industrial Production (IIP) stood at ____ in September 2012.
  A) 0.4%
  B) -0.4%
  C) -1.1%
  D) 1.2%


Who has been named as the most powerfull business woman in the world in  “Fortune List of 50 most powerful Business Women in the world” published in Nov 2012?
  A) Cynthia Carroll
  B) Maria das Graças
  C) Gail Kelly
  D) Barbara Kux


Who has been chosen by the ruling Communist party of China to lead the country for at least next 5 years as the new General Secretary of the Party’s seven-member Politburo standing committee?
  A) Li Keqiang
  B) Hu Jintao
  C) Wen Jiabao
  D) Xi Jinping


Government’s 2G spectrum auction turns out to a disaster as it managed to raise only Rs 9500 crore compared earlier estimated Rs 40,000 crore in Nov 2012. Of the 176 blocks put on sale (each block of 1.25 Mhz), bids were received only for how many blocks?
  A) 98 blocks
  B) 123 blocks
  C) 101 blocks
  D) 111 blocks


India’s IT industry body Nasscom has lowered its growth expectation for the industry to ____ compared to earlier projection of 11-14% for the current financial year 2012-13.
  A) 9%
  B) 11%
  C) 13%
  D) 12%


 The Greek economy contracted by ____ in the third quarter (July-September) of the current year 2012 compared to same period last year.
  A) 6%
  B) 9%
  C) 7.2%
  D) 5.8%


India’s Retail Inflation, measured by the Consumer Price Index, in October stood at?
  A) 9.75%
  B) 9.72%
  C) 9.79%
  D) 9.46%


Who has been appointed as the new director of RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) in Nov 2012?
  A) Alok Joshi
  B) Sanjeev Tripathi
  C) Nehchal Sandhu
  D) Syed Asif Ibrahim


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