Current Affairs November 2012 Quiz – 3


India’s third largest IT services company Wipro has announced to hive off its non-IT business like consumer care & lighting, infrastructure engineering and medical diagnostic product and service businesses into a separate unlisted entity. The new entity will be named as?
  A) Wipro Consumer Care
  B) Wipro Care
  C) Wipro Enterprise
  D) Wipro Limited


Euro zone unemployment rate hit the record high of ____in September?
  A) 9.2%
  B) 9.8%
  C) 11.6%
  D) 12.4%


Hamid Karzai has recently visited India in November 2012. He is President of which country?
  A) Iran
  B) Iraq
  C) Afghanistan
  D) Turkmenistan


Recently India’s AMUL has lower the patent battle for TRIX trademark against which US food company?
  A) Kraft Foods
  B) Kellogg Company
  C) PepsiCo
  D) General Mills


Barack Obama was re-elected as the President of USA and be became only the ____ Democrat to win a second four-year term as the US President since World War II.
  A) Fourth
  B) First
  C) Third
  D) Second


India’s core sector growth in September stood at?
  A) 2.5%
  B) 2.3%
  C) 5.1%
  D) 5.9%


Who has been awarded with the Kyoto Prize in Art and Philosophy category recenntly?
  A) Gayatri Chakrovoty Spivak
  B) Tamasaburo Bando V
  C) Charles Taylor
  D) Akira Kurosawa


The Andhra Pradesh High Court has recently set aside the life ban on which former Indian cricketer imposed by BCCI for his alleged involvement in match fixing?
  A) Ajay Jadeja
  B) Manoj Prabhakar
  C) Mohammad Azharuddin
  D) None of These


Japanese economic growth for the third quarter of 2012 stood at___ compared to previous quarter?
  A) -0.9%
  B) -1.1%
  C) -0.5%
  D) 0.7%


Which state government has recently announced the waiver of farmer loans who had taken loan up to Rs 50,000 from the co-operative rural banks?
  A) Gujarat
  B) Madhya Pradesh
  C) Uttar Pradesh
  D) West Bengal


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