Current Affairs Nov 2012 Quiz – 11


Foreign bank Westpac has opened its first branch in India in Nov 2012. Westpac bank belongs to which country?
  A) New Zealand
  B) Australias
  C) Singapore
  D) South Africa


Which Windows boss has recently left Microsoft in November 2012?
  A) Ray Ozzie
  B) Steven Sinofsky
  C) Steve Ballmer
  D) J Allard


21st ASEAN Summit  was conducted recently in which country?
  A) Cambodia
  B) Malaysia
  C) Thailand
  D) China


Who has been named as the new CEO of Spencers in Nov 2012?
  A) Kingshuk Basu
  B) Vineet Kapila
  C) Mohit Kampani
  D) Venkat Narayanan


Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram highlighted banks role in reviving Indian economy while inaugurating Bancon-2012. Bancon-2012 was hosted by which PSU bank in Pune in Nov 2012?
  A) Bank of Maharashtra
  B) Ratnakar Bank
  C) Bank of India
  D) IDBI Bank


Shiv Sena Chief and founder Bal Thackeray passed away in Nov 2012. He has started his career as a cartoonist with which newspaper?
  A) Times of India
  B) The Free Press Journal
  C) Navshakti
  D) None of These


Multi role stealth Frigate INS Tarkash is commissioned by Indian Navy in November 2012. It was built by which country?
  A) USA
  B) France
  C) Russia
  D) UK


Which India born Professor won the US Professor of the year award-2012 in Nov 2012?
  A) Shekhar Kumta
  B) Kamal Bawa
  C) Autar kaw
  D) Anant Agarwal


India has signed deal with which country in Nov 2012 for rare earth minerals?
  A) Japan
  B) USA
  C) Russia
  D) Australia


Which country has recently tested N-Capable Haft-V missile?
  A) Iraq
  B) Iran
  C) Pakistan
  D) Egypt


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