Current Affairs May 2017 Quiz - 4

31 Young Indian shooter _______________________ has reached in his first ever ISSF World Cup stage Final.
 A) Jeje Lalpekhlua
 B) Shapath Bharadwaj
 C) C. V. Pappachan
 D) Satyajit Chatterjee
32The World Asthma Day is observed on ______________________.
 A) 1st May
 B) 2nd May
 C) 3rd May
 D) 4th May
33World Press Freedom Day is celebrated on ____________________.
 A) 1st May
 B) 2nd May
 C) 3rd May
 D) 4th May
34Traffic police in China's Shenzhen has debuted a new '______________________', the first of its kind in the country, which helps administer rush-hour traffic by controlling a section of reversible lanes.
 A) cylindrical robot
 B) lane robot
 C) polar robot
 D) cartesian robot
35____________________, one of the world-s most renowned climbers has passed away at the age of 40 in an accident in Nepal near Mount Everest.
 A) Ueli Steck
 B) Vitaly Abalakov
 C) Yevgeniy Abalakov
 D) Premlata Agarwal
36__________________, renowned tea planter from Assam has been appointed as the Chairman of the Tea Board of India.
 A) Nityanand Rai
 B) Prabhat Kamal Bezboruah
 C) Tasleem Uddin
 D) Kirti Azad
37_________________has received his first National Award after being presented the Best Actor Award for 'Rustom' at the 64th National Film Awards.
 A) Hema Malini
 B) Akshay Kumar
 C) Salman Khan
 D) Ajay Devgan
38The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has developed a solar hybrid electric__________________using in-house resources.
 A) car
 B) Bus
 C) Robot
 D) Rikshow
39The South Asia satellite has been launched by _________________________successfully.
 A) Aeronautics and Space Research and Diffusion Centre
 B) Indian Space Research Organization
 C) Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum
 D) Asia Pacific Multilateral Cooperation in Space Technology and Applications
40The Indian men-s national football team has entered into the top 100 of the FIFA (International Federation of Association Football) world football rankings for the first time in _________________.
 A) 25 years
 B) 21 years
 C) 10 years
 D) 28 years

31Ans) Shapath Bharadwaj
32Ans) 2nd May
33Ans) 3rd May
34Ans) lane robot
35Ans) Ueli Steck
36Ans) Prabhat Kamal Bezboruah
37Ans) Akshay Kumar
38Ans) car
39Ans) Indian Space Research Organization
40Ans) 21 years

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