Current Affairs May 2017 Quiz - 23

221______________________, indian shooter has won silver in 10m air rifle category.
 A) Gagan Narang
 B) Vijay Kumar
 C) Arjun babuta
 D) Abhinav Bindra
222Punjab-s ______________________has been declared the CEAT Young Player of the Year for scoring 603 runs in nine games against the touring England under-19 team.
 A) Kumar Waii
 B) Rajesh Tacho
 C) Shubman Gill
 D) Takam Pario
223_____________________, grandfather of R. Ashwin has passed away at the age of 92.
 A) C. S. Puttaraju
 B) R. Dhruvanarayana
 C) Ananthkumar Hegde
 D) S.Narayanasamy
224_____________________ has been sworn in as Ecuador's president following a tight electoral race.
 A) Lenin Moreno
 B) Andreas Zaimis
 C) Augustinos Kapodistrias
 D) Spyridon Trikoupis
225Indian-American Judge _____________________ has been confirmed to a key judicial position on the powerful US court of appeals.
 A) Rajesh Tacho
 B) Amul Thapar
 C) Honchun Ngandam
 D) Tapang Taloh
226____________________ (retired professional tennis player) has announced his retirement in the Russian parliament.
 A) Jeff Bezos
 B) Warren Buffett
 C) Marat Safin
 D) Howard Schultz
227World-s largest optical telescope will be located in chile-s _____________________.
 A) Atacama desert
 B) Sahara desert
 C) Gobi desert
 D) Arabian desert
228____________________has won her second consecutive Nuremberg Cup.
 A) Bob Iger
 B) Larry Page
 C) Kiki Bertens
 D) David C. Novak
229_________________, a professor from the Department of Theatre Arts, S N School of Arts and Communication, University of Hyderabad (UoH) has been awarded with Sangeet Natak Akademi Puraskar for the year 2016.
 A) Aman Rehman
 B) Aadarsh George
 C) Satyabrata Rout
 D) Truptraj Pandya
230Actress_____________________ will be honoured with the Dadasaheb Phalke Academy Award for being an international icon. 'Internationally Acclaimed Actress' category at a ceremony.
 A) Priyanka Chopra
 B) Deepika Padukone
 C) Kareena Kapoor
 D) Sonam Kapoor

221Ans) Arjun babuta
222Ans) Shubman Gill
223Ans) S.Narayanasamy
224Ans) Lenin Moreno
225Ans) Amul Thapar
226Ans) Marat Safin
227Ans) Atacama desert
228Ans) Kiki Bertens
229Ans) Satyabrata Rout
230Ans) Priyanka Chopra

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