Current Affairs May 2017 Quiz - 20

191Ukraine's ________________________has won the Italian Open tennis title.
 A) Megan Fox
 B) Emma Stone
 C) Mila Kunis
 D) Elina Svitolina
192_____________________ has been appointed as the Group General Counsel of Tata Sons.
 A) Arpita Chatterjee
 B) Shuva Mandal
 C) Rakhi Manna
 D) Ananya Mandal
193_______________________, a wildlife and environment cartoonist from India has won WWF International President-s Award 2017 for his efforts to change attitudes towards nature.
 A) Rohan Chakravarty
 B) Amit Banerjee
 C) Subha Prassanna
 D) Mamata Banerjee
194_________________has won the women's title in the Asian Continental Blitz Chess Championship in Chengdu, China.
 A)Humpy Koneru
 B) Harika Dronavalli
 C) R Vaishali
 D) Abhijeet Gupta
195Major ____________________ has been awarded with commendation card for his sustained efforts in counter-insurgency operations.
 A) J S Cheema
 B) Sarath Chand
 C) Leetul Gogoi
 D) S K Patyal
196__________________has overtaken Japan to become the second-largest steel producer in the world after China in 2016, according to data released by the International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF).
 A) China
 B) Russia
 C) India
 D) Italy
197______________________, a young Indian IAS officer has recently published a book titled "Confessions of a dying mind: the blind faith of atheism" in New Delhi.
 A) Satyajit Mohanty
 B) M.K.Chhabra
 C) Haulianlal Guite
 D) M.K. Joshi
198______________________is going to build a war museum at the hillock at Maiba Lokpa in Bishnupur district in Manipur.
 A) China
 B) Russia
 C) India
 D) Japan
199_______________________ has become the first bank to offer cashbacks on deposits.
 A) Airtel Payments Bank
 B) Paytm Payments Bank
 C) Mobikwik Payments Bank
 D) Vodafone Payments Bank
200Indian squash player ________________________has won the Makati Open in Philippines.
 A)Janet Vidhi
 B)Saurav Ghosal
 C)Cyrus Poncha
 D) Harinder Pal Sandhu

191Ans) Elina Svitolina
192Ans) Shuva Mandal
193Ans) Rohan Chakravarty
194Ans) R Vaishali
195Ans) Leetul Gogoi
196Ans) India
197Ans) Haulianlal Guite
198Ans) Japan
199Ans) Paytm Payments Bank
200Ans) Harinder Pal Sandhu

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