Current Affairs May 2017 Quiz - 17

161North Korea and _______________________ have started passenger ferry service aiming to develop links and boost economic cooperation despite United Nations sanctions.
 A) Germany
 B) Russia
 C) Japan
 D) India
162______________________and Southeast Asian countries have agreed to a draft framework for a long-mooted code of conduct for the disputed South China Sea.
 A) India
 B) China
 C) Russia
 D) Japan
163________________, former Chairman and CEO of Fox News has passed away at the age of 77.
 A) Jeff Bezos
 B) Tim Cook
 C) Roger Ailes
 D) Mark Parker
164Air Marshal ____________________ has been appointed as the Deputy Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Operations).
 A) Indra Nooyi
 B) Satya Nadella
 C) Pradeep Kapur
 D) PN Pradhan
165____________________ has been presented the 2014 Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace.
 A) Central American Association for Aeronautics and Space
 B) Aeronautics and Space Research and Diffusion Center
 C) Indian Space Research Organisation
 D) Mexican Space Agency
166________________________, an Indian boy has won the world's largest pre-college science competition in the US in the environmental engineering category for his project on biodegradation of pesticides.
 A) Prashant Ranganathan
 B) M.Nageswar Rao
 C) Sunil Kumar Bansal
 D) Sunil Roy
167India's foreign exchange reserves has declined by USD ___________________ million to USD 375.27 billion.
 A) 982.6
 B) 843.5
 C) 443.6
 D) 645.3
168______________________ has jumped 16 places in the revised United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) rankings to settle at 24th for 2014 and 2015.
 A) Germany
 B) Russia
 C) Japan
 D) India
169The Indian Men-s compound archery team has won gold after defeating Columbia 226-221 in the archery World Cup stage 1 championships held in Shanghai, ___________________.
 A) India
 B) China
 C) Russia
 D) Japan
170_________________ has been re-elected as Iran's 12th President with a thumping majority.
 A) Abolhassan Banisadr
 B) Ali Khamenei
 C) Mohammad Khatami
 D) Hassan Rouhani

161Ans) Russia
162Ans) China
163Ans) Roger Ailes
164Ans) PN Pradhan
165Ans) Indian Space Research Organisation
166Ans) Prashant Ranganathan
167Ans) 443.6
168Ans) India
169Ans) China
170Ans) Hassan Rouhani

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