Current Affairs May 2016 Quiz - 9

81The "International Day for Biological Diversity" is observed on __________.
 A) 21- May
 B) 23- May
 C) 22- May
 D) 28- May
82_________, a 22-year-old Indian artist has been chosen among the three winners of a UN poster competition on creating awareness about nuclear disarmament in May 2016.
 A) Rishi Nair
 B) Sruthi Palaniappan
 C) Anjali Chandrashekar
 D) Syamantak Payra

83Which formula One driver won the 2016 Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix held in May 2016?
 A) Nico Rosberg
 B) Lewis Hamilton
 C) Max Verstappen
 D) Daniil Kvyat
84Sania Mirza and __________ pair has retained the world number one position by winning the women's doubles title at the 2016 Italian Open.
 A) Martina Hingis
 B) Timea Bacsinszky
 C) Monica Seles
 D) None of These
85Who won the Italian Open men's singles title held in May 2016?
 A) Rafael Nadal
 B) Roger Federar
 C) Novak Djokovic
 D) Andy Murray
86Who won the Italian Open women's singles title held in May 2016?
 A) Serena Williams
 B) Caroline Wozniacki
 C) Victoria Azarenka
 D) Garbine Muguruza
87India-s overall inflation, measured by the wholesale price index stood at to __________ in April (as published in May 2016).
 A) 0.34%
 B) (-) 0.19%
 C) (-) 0.85%
 D) 0.15%
88Indian boxing star ___________ won his sixth successive knockout victory by out-punching Andrzej Soldra of Poland in a Super Middleweight contest held at Boltan in UK in May 2016.
 A) Amir Khan
 B) Vijender Singh
 C) Vikas Krishan Yadav
 D) None of These
89India's oldest __________ Deepak Shodhan passed away recently. He was 87.
 A) Hockey Player
 B) Test cricketer
 C) Football player
 D) None of These
90The World Hypertension Day (WHD) was observed on ______ across the world to increase awareness about hypertension.
 A) 17-May
 B) 18-May
 C) 24-May
 D) 22-May

81Ans) 22-May
82Ans) Anjali Chandrashekar
83Ans) Max Verstappen
84Ans) Martina Hingis
85Ans) Andy Murray
86Ans) Serena Williams
87Ans) 0.34%
88Ans) Vijender Singh
89Ans) Test cricketer
90Ans) 17th May

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