Current Affairs May 2016 Quiz - 11

101India-s largest airline by market share, IndiGo has appointed __________ as its new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in May 2016.
 A) Kunal Shah
 B) Sandeep Tandon
 C) Nitin Prasad
 D) Rohit Philip
102Shell India has announced ____________ as its new India head effective from 1st October.
 A) Kunal Shah
 B) Sandeep Tandon
 C) Nitin Prasad
 D) Rohit Philip

103____________ of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has sworn in as the new president of Taiwan in May 2016.
 A) Lin Chuan
 B) Tsai Ing-wen
 C) Hung Hsiu?chu
 D) Eric Chu
104UN General Secretary Ban-Ki-Moon has appointed diplomat __________ as the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in May 2016.
 A) Christiana Figueres
 B) Susana Malcorra
 C) Patricia Espinosa
 D) Helen Clark
105European football club __________ has become the first football club to win the Europa League title three consecutive times after defeating Liverpool in the final match in May 2016.
 A) Real Madrid
 B) Sevilla
 C) Barcelona
 D) Manchester United
106BJP made its historical debut in which North East state after winning 87 of 126 seats in May 2016?
 A) Arunachal Pradesh
 B) Tripura
 C) Assam
 D) Meghalaya
107Which state Chief Minister has inaugurated the world's largest single rooftop solar power plant in May 2016?
 A) Assam
 B) Haryana
 C) Punjab
 D) Himachal Pradesh
108The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has appointed ___________ as the new Director of the Hyderabad-based Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) in May 2016.
 A) N K Singh
 B) Hindupur Pradeep Rao
 C) Kumar Rajesh Chandra
 D) Dr. Rakesh Kumar
109Indian-American biotechnologist __________ was awarded with the Distinguished Leadership in Teaching Award by the University of Houston for her sustained and significant contributions in the field of education.
 A) Khem Shahani
 B) Rupa Iyer
 C) Vamsi Mootha
 D) None of These
110An Indian American teenager ________ won the prestigious Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award for developing a low-cost, electronically-aided knee brace which will enable an individual with a weakened leg to walk more naturally.
 A) Rishi Nair
 B) Sruthi Palaniappan
 C) Advay Ramesh
 D) Syamantak Payra

101Ans) Rohit Philip
102Ans) Nitin Prasad
103Ans) Tsai Ing-wen
104Ans) Patricia Espinosa Cantellano
105Ans) Sevilla
106Ans) Assam
107Ans) Punjab
108Ans) Dr. Rakesh Kumar
109Ans) Rupa Iyer
110Ans) Syamantak Payra

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