Current Affairs May 2014 Quiz 6

51The Supreme Court overwhelmed the law passed by Kerala Assembly on the Mullaperiyar dam in May 2014 and ruled that the water level of the dam can be raised to 142 feet. The Mullaperiyar dam is located at ____________.
 A) Kerala
 B) Tamil Nadu
 C) Karnataka
 D) None of These
52Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issued new guidelines in May 2014 to allow the minors of age above ___________ to independently open and operate savings bank accounts and use other facilities like ATM and cheque books.
 A) 10 years
 B) 12 years
 C) 15 years
 D) 18 years
53India-s aviation regulator, Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has given approval to AirAsia India in May 2014 to launch services in India. Air Asia is an airlines company based out of _____________.
 A) Philipines
 B) Thailand
 C) Malaysia
 D) China
54Who took oath as the new HRD Minister as a part of Modi Government in May 2014?
 A) Ravi Shankar Prasad
 B) Smriti Irani
 C) Ananth Kumar
 D) Nitin Gadkari
55Famous business magazine, Fortune published its annual list of the world-s 2000 largest and most powerful public companies in May 2014. US retains its dominant positions with 564 companies among the Global 2000 list followed by _____________ with 225 companies.
 A) Germany
 B) China
 C) Japan
 D) France
56The European Central Bank (ECB) has kept its benchmark interest rate at record low of ________ during its monetary policy review in May 2014. The ECB has kept the interest rate unchanged since November 2013.
 A) 0.25%
 B) 0.5%
 C) 0.75%
 D) 1%
57"National Technology Day" is observed on __________.
 A) 8-May
 B) 3-May
 C) 11-May
 D) 9-May
58The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC) approved the appointment of ___________ as Secretary, Department of Posts in May 2014.
 A) Rajiv Mathur
 B) Sushma Singh
 C) R.V. Verma
 D) Kavery Banerjee
59President Pranab Mukherjee launched India-s own payment gateway ___________ in May 2014 which is equivalent of Visa and Mastercard and it will work on ATMs and merchant outlets like other Visa and Mastercard.
 A) Paisa
 B) Rupee
 C) RuPay
 D) RuPaya
60Which Indian City has been ranked as the most polluted city in the world, as per a new study conducted by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in May 2014?
 A) Chennai
 B) Kolkata
 C) Mumbai
 D) Delhi

Check below for Answers:
51Ans) Kerala
52Ans) 10 years
53Ans) Malaysia
54Ans) Smriti Irani
55Ans) Japan
56Ans) 0.25%
57Ans) 11-May
58Ans) Kavery Banerjee
59Ans) RuPay
60Ans) Delhi