Current Affairs May 2014 Quiz 17

161The Modi-led Government has appointed whom as the new Attorney General of India, the top law officer of the country, in May 2014?
 A) Mukul Rohatgi
 B) Goolam Vahanvati
 C) Mohan Parasaran
 D) None of These
162Who has been appointed as Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in May 2014?
 A) Syamal Kumar Sarkar
 B) Anil Goswami
 C) Nripendra Misra
 D) Ajit Doval
163State Bank of India Chairperson Arundhati Bhattacharya and ICICI Bank Managing Director Chanda Kochhar are among the five women from India who are featured in Forbes' 100 most powerful women in the world published in May 2014. Bhattacharya is ranked _______ on the power list, while Kochhar is ranked at 43rd.
 A) 36th
 B) 31st
 C) 40th
 D) 23rd
164Infosys Ltd President __________-, widely considered to be the next CEO to succeed S D Shibulal when he retires in January 2015, has resigned from the Company in May 2014.
 A) U B Pravin Rao
 B) Ashok Vemuri
 C) Basab Pradhan
 D) B.G. Srinivas
165Who took oath as the new Minister of State of Petroleum and Natural Gas (Independent Charge) as a part of Modi Government in May 2014?
 A) Shripad Yesso Naik
 B) Santosh Kumar Gangwar
 C) Inderjit Singh Rao
 D) Dharmendra Pradhan
166Who has been elected as the Captain of the Indian Cricket team for the One Day series (ODI) in Bangladesh which will be held from 15th June (announced in May 2014).
 A) Virat Kohli
 B) Shikhar Dhawan
 C) Suresh Raina
 D) Gautam Gambhir
167Which Global tech company announced that it would buy Beats for about USD 3 billion in may 2014?
 A) Apple
 B) Facebook
 C) Google
 D) Microsoft
168US economic growth stood at ________ in the first quarter of the current year 2014 (announced in May 2014).
 A) 2.6%
 B) 0.2%
 C) 1.5%
 D) -1%
169Prime Minister Narendra Modi quit his ___________ Lok Sabha seat in May 2014. As per rule, a member who has been elected from two Lok Sabha constituencies, has to vacate one of the seats within 14 days of the declaration of result.
 A) Varanasi
 B) Vadodara
 C) Ahmedabad
 D) Lucknow
170India-s indigenously developed ________ rockets were successfully test-fired thrice  from a multi-barrel rocket launcher at an armament base in Chandipur in May 2014. The rockets with a range of 40 km and capable of acting as a force-multiplier, were developed to supplement artillery guns.
 A) Brahmos
 B) Akaash
 C) Pinaka
 D) Agni

Check below for Answers:
161Ans) Mukul Rohatgi
162Ans) Nripendra Misra
163Ans) 36th
164Ans) B.G. Srinivas
165Ans) Dharmendra Pradhan
166Ans) Suresh Raina
167Ans) Apple
168Ans) -1%
169Ans) Vadodara
170Ans) Pinaka