Current Affairs May 2014 Quiz 13

121Who has been elected as the new Managing Director of ONGC Videsh Ltd, India-s flagship overseas oil and gas assets acquisition firm, in May 2014?
 A) R.V. Verma
 B) M N Vidyashankar
 C) C S Verma
 D) Narendra Kumar Verma
122Which Sportsperson was ranked at No 1 in the list of most marketable athletes by the UK magazine, 'SportsPro' in May 2014? The list was based on value for money, age, home market, charisma, willingness to be marketed and crossover appeal.
 A) Christiano Ronaldo
 B) Lewis Hamilton
 C) Usain Bolt
 D) Lionel Messi
123Which Indian online retailer has acquired fashion e-retailer for approximately USD 300 million in May 2014?
124"World Hunger Day" is observed on __________.
 A) 28-May
 B) 18-May
 C) 24-May
 D) 22-May
125Which Indian airlines company retained the top position in the domestic passenger aviation market in April after securing 31.6% market share (announced in May 2014)?
 A) Spice Jet
 B) Jet Airways
 C) IndiGo
 D) Air India
126Which famous Football club in the below list was thrown out of the I-League along with three other teams for failing to fulfill the AIFF's club licensing criteria in May 2014? The All India Football Federation's Club Licensing Committee took the decision after its meeting in May.
 A) East Bengal
 B) Dempo Sporting
 C) Churchill Brothers
 D) Pune FC
127Who took oath as the new Agriculture Minister as a part of Modi Government in May 2014?
 A) Ashok Gajapathi Raju Pusapati
 B) Narendra Singh Tomar
 C) Radha Mohan Singh
 D) Ramvilas Paswan
128Who took over as the new Chief Information Commissioner in the Central Information Commission in May 2014?
 A) Rajiv Mathur
 B) Sushma Singh
 C) R.V. Verma
 D) M N Vidyashankar
129The Reserve Bank of India directed banks to make all new ATMs installed from __________ as -talking ATMs- with Braille keypads (announced in May 2014). Also banks should lay down a roadmap for converting all existing ATMs as talking ATMs with Braille keypads.
 A) August 1, 2014
 B) October 1, 2014
 C) July 1, 2014
 D) September 1, 2014
130India-s first all women bank, Bharatiya Mahila Bank, has been included in the _________ schedule to the RBI Act. RBI issued a notification issued in Mumbai in May 2014 indicating the same.
 A) Second
 B) First
 C) Third
 D) Fourth

Check below for Answers:
121Ans) Narendra Kumar Verma
122Ans) Lewis Hamilton
124Ans) 28-May
125Ans) IndiGo
126Ans) Churchill Brothers
127Ans) Radha Mohan Singh
128Ans) Rajiv Mathur
129Ans) July 1, 2014
130Ans) Second