Current Affairs May 2013 Quiz - 8

71The Election Commission of India and which ministry have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in May 2013 on Electoral Literacy and Greater Participation for a Stronger and Inclusive Democracy?
 A) Ministry of Environment
 B) Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
 C) Ministry of Rural Development
 D) Ministry of Home affairs
72India-s Formula One team Sahara Force India had a remarkable result at the Monaco grand Prix  held in May 2013. Adrian Sutil finished at ______ in the race which is the best for Sahara Force India team so far.
 A) 4th
 B) 8th
 C) 9th
 D) 5th
73Which IPL team was the runners up of the sixth edition of IPL title held in April-May 2013?
 A) Chennai Super Kings
 B) Rajasthan Royals
 C) Sunrisers Hyderabad
 D) Mumbai Indians
74Who won the fifth Man Booker International Prize 2013 for fiction announced in May 2013?
 A) Stuart Dybek
 B) Joy Williams
 C) Lydia Davis
 D) Ben Marcus
75Who tops the list for the third consecutive year in the global list of most powerful women compiled by Forbes magazine for 2013 <published in May 2013>?
 A) Angela Merkel
 B) Dilma Rousseff
 C) Melinda Gates
 D) Hillary Clinton
76"National Technology Day" is observed on __________.
 A) 8-May
 B) 3-May
 C) 11-May
 D) 9-May
77Cricket World Cup 2019 (12th Edition) will be held in which country?
 A) Australia and New Zealand
 B) South Africa and Zimbabwe
 C) England and Wales
 D) India and Pakistan
78Sonia Gandhi and Indra Nooyi were placed among the top 10 in the global list of most powerful women compiled by Forbes magazine for 2013. What was Sonia Gandhi's rank in the list?
 A) 6th
 B) 8th
 C) 9th
 D) 10th
79Which IT Services company is ranked as the second-largest Indian IT services provider after TCS as per 2012 revenue?
 A) HCL Technologies
 B) Wipro
 C) Cognizant
 D) Infosys
80Who won National Geographic Bee contest for 2013, final held in May 2013?
 A) Sathwik Karnik
 B) Rahul Nagvekar
 C) Aadith Moorthy
 D) Sanjeev "Ricky" Uppaluri

Check below for answers..........
71Ans) Ministry of Human Resource Development
72Ans) 5th
73Ans) Chennai Super Kings
74Ans) Lydia Davis
75Ans) Angela Merkel
76Ans) 11-May
77Ans) England and Wales
78Ans) 9th
79Ans) Cognizant
80Ans) Sathwik Karnik