Current Affairs May 2013 Quiz - 5

41Which company tops the Fortune 50 List of US Companies for 2013 published in May 2013?
 A) Berkshire Hathaway
 B) Chevron
 C) Exxon Mobil
 D) Wal-Mart Stores
42India's IIP growth for stood at __________ in March (published in May 2013).
 A) 2.1%
 B) 2.5%
 C) 3.2%
 D) 3.8%
43Who has been given additional charge of Railway Ministry following resignation of Pawan Kumar Bansal in May 2013?
 A) Kapil Sibal
 B) C P Joshi
 C) P Chidambaram
 D) Sharad Pawar
44Nawaz Sharif was sworn in as the new Prime Minister of Pakistan following his victory in the election held in May 2013. He is president of which party?
 A) Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI)
 B) Pakistan Muslim Leauge-Nawaz (PML-N)
 C) Pakistan People's Party (PPP)
 D) None of These
45Who won the won the Spanish Grand Prix held in May 2013?
 A) Kimi Raikkonen
 B) Lewis Hamilton
 C) Fernando Alonso
 D) Sebastian Vettel
46Which Indian stock exchange has launched India-s first dedicated debt trading platform in May 2013?
 A) Bombay Stock Exchange
 B) National Stock Exchange
 C) MCX Stock Exchange
 D) None of These
47India's trade deficit for month April 2013 stood at _____________.
 A) USD 18.35 billion
 B) USD 15.78 billion
 C) USD 17.78 billion
 D) USD 14.35 billion
48"World Red Cross Day" is observed on __________.
 A) 8-May
 B) 3-May
 C) 11-May
 D) 9-May
49India-s retail inflation, measured by Consumer Price Index, stood at __________ in April 2013.
 A) 10.39%
 B) 9.39%
 C) 9.85%
 D) 10.15%
50Which Spanish football club won the Spanish League in 2013?
 A) Barcelona
 B) Real Madrid
 C) Valencia
 D) Espanyol

Check below for answers..........
41Ans) Wal-Mart Stores
42Ans) 2.5%
43Ans) C P Joshi
44Ans) Pakistan Muslim Leauge-Nawaz (PML-N)
45Ans) Fernando Alonso
46Ans) National Stock Exchange
47Ans) USD 17.78 billion
48Ans) 8-May
49Ans) 9.39%
50Ans) Barcelona