Current Affairs May 2013 Quiz - 10

91Who from Table Tennis Federation of India (TTFI) has been elected as one of the Board of Directors (BoD) to the international sport body (ITTF) in May 2013?
 A) Dushyant Chautala
 B) Prabhat C Chaturvedi
 C) Dhanraj Choudhary
 D) D.V. Sundar
92US economic growth for first quarter (January-March) of current year 2013 has been revised downwards to ___________ in May 2013.
 A) 2%
 B) 2.1%
 C) 2.2%
 D) 2.4%
93Who has became the first female Pakistani to scale the world-s tallest mountain, Mount Everest in May 2013?
 A) Samina Baig
 B) Tashi Malik
 C) Sherbano Saiyidi
 D) Polish Malgorzata
94Indian National Defence University will be set up at which place in India?
 A) Hyderabad
 B) Gurgaon
 C) Pune
 D) Dehradun
95Who from India has been elected as Member of Executive Council of WMO during the 65th Executive Council of WMO meeting at Geneva held in May 2013?
 A) Jagadish Shukla
 B) Laxman Singh Rathore
 C) P.R. Pisharoty
 D) None of These
96Which Indian origin Entrepreneur has brought 65% stake in the Sacramento Kings, an American basketball franchise for USD 347 million in May 2013?
 A) Pradeep Sindhu
 B) Amar Bose
 C) Vinod Gupta
 D) Vivek Ranadive
97Morgan Stanley has signed an agreement to sell its Indian wealth management unit to which bank for a disclosed sum in May 2013?
 A) HSBC Bank
 C) Standard Chartered
 D) Citibank
98Which Women team won the gold medal at the inaugural FIBA Asia 33 basketball event held at Doha, Qatar in May 2013?
 A) China
 B) India
 C) Mangolia
 D) South Korea
99The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has lowered world GDP growth projection to _______ for current year 2013 in May 2013.
 A) 3.8%
 B) 4%
 C) 3.1%
 D) 4.2%
100The United States Senate has voted 97-0 to confirm whom to a judgeship on the prestigious US Court of Appeals in May 2013, the highest judicial appointment achieved by an Indian-American?
 A) Bobby Jindal
 B) Srikanth Srinivasan
 C) Neal Katyal
 D) None of These

Check below for answers..........

91Ans) Dhanraj Choudhary
92Ans) 2.4%
93Ans) Samina Baig
94Ans) Gurgaon
95Ans) Laxman Singh Rathore
96Ans) Vivek Ranadive
97Ans) Standard Chartered
98Ans) India
99Ans) 3.1%
100Ans) Srikanth Srinivasan