Current Affairs May 2012 Quiz – XIII


Where in India “Veer Bharat Premises”, a unique museum dedicated to Indian heroes will be setup?
  A) Indore
  B) Jaipur
  C) Bhopal
  D) Nagpur


Which bank has is ranked 2nd most profitable public sector bank in terms of annual profit for the fiscal year 2011-12?
  A) Bank of India
  B) Central Bank
  C) Punjab National Bank
  D) Bank of Baroda


In which state India’s first 2MW solar power plant started functioning?
  A) Gujarat
  B) Uttar Pradesh
  C) Maharashtra
  D) Madhya Pradesh


Which Indian who became the youngest to win Asian Chess Championship?
  A) Parimarjan Negi
  B) Srinath Narayanan
  C) Sahaj Grover
  D) Pendyala Harikrishna


Which Asian country was invited by NATO to Chicago summit 2nd day with focus on Afghanistan?
  A) India
  B) Pakistan
  C) Iran
  D) Iraq


Which football club won the 2012 English Premier League Championship after 44 years?
  A) Manchester United
  B) Liverpool
  C) Manchester city
  D) Chelsea


President of which country has been fined USD 17,000 by its electoral authorities for urging his Facebook followers on polling day to vote for him?
  A) Thailand
  B) Taiwan
  C) Malaysia
  D) Indonesia


Bharti Airtel tied-up with which bank recently for mobile banking services?
  A) Axis Bank
  B) ICICI Bank
  C) HDFC Bank
  D) YES Bank


What value of swap facility has RBI set up for SAARC nations?
  A) USD 1.5 Billion
  B) USD 1 Billion
  C) USD 2 Billion
  D) USD 750 Million


Which Mobile E-commerce App was acquired by Facebook recently?
  A) Karma
  B) Yammer
  C) Slideshare
  D) None of These

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  1. Current Affairs May 2012 Quiz – XIII Answers
    121 Ans) Bhopal
    122 Ans) Bank of Baroda
    123 Ans) Uttar Pradesh
    124 Ans) Parimarjan Negi
    125 Ans) Pakistan
    126 Ans) Manchester city
    127 Ans) Taiwan
    128 Ans) Axis Bank
    129 Ans) USD 2 Billion
    130 Ans) Karma

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