Current Affairs May 2012 Quiz – VIII


India’s Finance Ministry has deferred implementation of GAAR till?
  A) April 2014
  B) April 2013
  C) April 2015
  D) Won’t be implemented at all


World Press Freedom day is observed on?
  A) 3rd May
  B) 5th May
  C) 12th May
  D) 21st May


Which Airlines company has become the world’s first airlines to produce own fuel?
  A) American Airlines
  B) Delta Airlines
  C) Lufthansa Airlines
  D) Eithad Airlines


Which company has discovered the FLAME virus recently?
  A) Symantec
  B) Kaspersky Lab
  C) McAfee
  D) None of These


The Rangarajan Committee has been formed to Review?
  A) Existing Production Sharing Contracts (PSCs)
  B) Foreign Trade Policy
  C) Coal block auction process
  D) None of These


Chinese computer major Lenovo has signed which bollywood actor as the brand ambassador in India?
  A) Salman Khan
  B) Amir Khan
  C) Ranbir Kapoor
  D) Akhsay Kumar


Which PC maker is the world’s largest PC vendor by 2011 market share?
  A) Acer
  B) Dell
  C) Lenovo
  D) Hewlett-Packard


Who from Red Bull team won the Monaco Grand Prix in May 2012?
  A) Nico Rosberg
  B) Mark Webber
  C) Fernando Alonso
  D) Michael Schumacher


Who won the the prestigious Ondaatje Prize 2012 for his book “The Sly Company of People Who Care”?
  A) Rahul Bhattacharya
  B) Julia Blackburn
  C) Teju Cole
  D) Paul Farley


Shakeel Afridi, who had helped CIA to track Osama Bin Laden has been sentenced to jail for how many years by Pakistan?
  A) 24 Years
  B) 12 years
  C) 33 years
  D) None of These


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  1. Current Affairs May 2012 Quiz – VIII Answers
    71 Ans) April 2013
    72 Ans) 3rd May
    73 Ans) Delta Airlines
    74 Ans) Kaspersky Lab
    75 Ans) Existing Production Sharing Contracts (PSCs)
    76 Ans) Ranbir Kapoor
    77 Ans) Hewlett-Packard
    78 Ans) Mark Webber
    79 Ans) Rahul Bhattacharya
    80 Ans) 33 years

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