Current Affairs May 2012 Quiz – VI


Which Indian company has acquired 49% stake in US based telecom giant Qualcomm’s broadband wireless entities?
  A) Idea Cellular
  B) Reliance Communication
  C) Bharti Airtel
  D) Reliance Industries


Who has been appointed as the New Secretary of Coal Ministry from June 2012?
  A) S.K. Srivastava
  B) Alok Perti
  C) Saurabh Chandra
  D) S R Rao


Winner of IPL5?
  A) Chennai
  B) Mumbai
  C) Kolkata
  D) Delhi


Which team secured the third position in IPL 5?
  A) Chennai
  B) Mumbai
  C) Kolkata
  D) Delhi


Who has been appointed as the new Commerce Secretary in May 2012?
  A) Saurabh Chandra
  B) Rahul Khullar
  C) S R Rao
  D) S.K. Srivastava


India has recently provides USD 500 million line of Credit to which country?
  A) Myanmar
  B) Thailand
  C) Bangladesh
  D) Nepal


Who was the highest run scorer in IPL 5?
  A) A Rahane
  B) Gautam Gambhir
  C) Chris Gayle
  D) S Dhawan


Who was the leading wicket taker in IPL 5?
  A) Morne Morkel
  B) Sunil Narine
  C) U Yadav
  D) L Malinga


India’s GDP growth dropped to 9-year low during Q4 FY2012. What was the growth rate?
  A) 5.9%
  B) 6.1%
  C) 6.3%
  D) 5.5%


India’s FY2012 GDP growth rate stood at?
  A) 6.8%
  B) 6.5%
  C) 7.2%
  D) 8.4%


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  1. Current Affairs May 2012 Quiz – VI Answers
    51 Ans) Bharti Airtel
    52 Ans) S.K. Srivastava
    53 Ans) Kolkata
    54 Ans) Delhi
    55 Ans) S R Rao
    56 Ans) Myanmar
    57 Ans) Chris Gayle
    58 Ans) Morne Morkel
    59 Ans) 5.3%
    60 Ans) 6.5%

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