Current Affairs May 2012 Quiz – IV


Who has been appointed as the new Chairman of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)?
  A) J S Sarma
  B)  Saurabh Chandra
  C) Mr Rahul Khullar
  D) None of Them


Recently whch global credit rating agency has cut rating state-run Life Insurance Corp of India (LIC) to Baa3?
  A) S&P
  B) Moody’s
  C) Fitch
  D) None of These


Who has stepped down as the CEO of Yahoo in May this year?
  A) Scott Thompson
  B) Ross Levinsohn
  C) Tim Morse
  D) None of These


Which English Football club won the English title (English Premier League) for the first time in last 44 years?
  A) Manchester United
  B) Manchester City
  C) Chelsea
  D) Liverpool


Who has won the Madrid Open title for Men in May 2012?
  A) Tomas Berdych
  B) Rafael Nadal
  C) Roger Federar
  D) Novak Djokovic


What was India’s benchmark inflation in April?
  A) 7.23%
  B) 6.23%
  C) 6.85%
  D) 7.11%


Which Indian Pharma Company has announced the acquisition of US based Decision Resources Group for nearly USD 635 million in May 2012?
  A) Dr Reddy’s Laboratory
  B) Fortis Healthcare
  C) Ranbaxy
  D) Piramal Healthcare


Name the Chief Investment Officer of JP Morgan Chase who has resigned from the company following huge trading loss of USD 2 billion?
  A) Jamie Dimon
  B) Matt Zames
  C) Ina Drew
  D) None of These


Who is the new Prime Minister of France?
  A) Jean-Pierre Raffarin
  B) Francois Fillon
  C) Jean-Marc Ayrault
  D) Dominique de Villepin


What was India’s retail inflation in April?
  A) 10.32%
  B) 10.45%
  C) 10%
  D) 11.5%


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  1. Current Affairs May 2012 Quiz – IV Answers
    31 Ans) Mr Rahul Khullar
    32 Ans) Moody’s
    33 Ans) Scott Thompson
    34 Ans) Manchester City
    35 Ans) Roger Federar
    36 Ans) 7.23%
    37 Ans) Piramal Healthcare
    38 Ans) Ina Drew
    39 Ans) Jean-Marc Ayrault
    40 Ans) 10.32%

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