Current Affairs May 2012 Quiz – III


The Supreme Court has given 10 years deadline to Government to eliminate which famous subsidy program?
  A) Subsidies given to Haj Pilgrims
  B) Subsidies given to Fertilizer producers
  C) Subsidies given to farmers
  D) Subsidies given on cooking LPG Gas


Which IT company has became the world’s fourth most valuable Information Technology (IT) services brand compiled by leading global brand valuation company Brand Finance?
  A) TCS
  B) IBM
  C) HP
  D) Accenture


Which women squash team has won Gold at the 16th Asian Squash Championship recently held in Kuwait?
  A) Malaysia
  B) Iraq
  C) India
  D) China


Who has been re-elected as the Russian President for the second time in May 2012?
  A) Boris Yeltsin
  B) Vladimir Putin
  C) Dmitry Medvedev
  D) None of these


Which US brand has recently opeded their Indian first store at Canaught Place in New Delhi in May 2012?
  A) Starbucks
  B) Subway
  C) Dunkin’Donuts
  D) KFC


Which Company has secured no. 1 rank in the list of Fortune 500 companies for 2012?
  A) Chevron
  B) Wal-Mart
  C) ConocoPhillips
  D) Exxon Mobil


India received highest ever monthly FDI in March 2012… What is the FDI it has received in that month?
  A) USD 8.1 billion
  B) USD 9.1 billion
  C) USD 12.1 billion
  D) USD 5.1 billion


As per the Microfinance (MFI) bill 2012, which entiry will regulate all the Indian Microfinance Companies?
  B) RBI
  D) None of These


Which Indian PSU Bank hass become India’s second largest public sector Bank in terms of annual profit after State Bank of India in 2012?
  A) Punjab National Bank
  B) Bank of Baroda
  C) Central Bank
  D) Bank of India


India’s IIP growth for March stood at?
  A) -3.5%
  B) 3.5%
  C) 4.1%
  D) -4.1%


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  1. Current Affairs May 2012 Quiz – III Answers
    21 Ans) Subsidies given to Haj Pilgrims
    22 Ans) TCS
    23 Ans) India
    24 Ans) Vladimir Putin
    25 Ans) Dunkin’Donuts
    26 Ans) Exxon Mobil
    27 Ans) USD 8.1 billion
    28 Ans) RBI
    29 Ans) Bank of Baroda
    30 Ans) -3.5%

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