Current Affairs May 2012 Quiz – I


Who is the new chairman of Oil India?
  A) N. M. Borah
  B) SK Srivastava
  C) S Roy Choudhury
  D) None of Them


India’s core sector growth for March stood at?
  A) 2%
  B) 2.5%
  C) 2.2%
  D) 6.5%


Australian Analytics firm Promax  has been acquired by which Indian IT company recently?
  A) Mahindra Satyam
  B) Infosys
  C) Wipro
  D) TCS


Who has been appointed as the new Director General of National Security Guard (NSG)?
  A) R K Medhekar
  B) NPS Aulakh
  C) Subhas Joshi
  D) AK Tandon


Indian President has re-appointed whom as the Attorney-General for two more years with effect from 8 June 2012?
  A) Soli Sorabjee
  B) Goolam E. Vahanvati
  C) Milon K. Banerji
  D) Ashok Desai


The RBI has notified all the banks to be ready for Basel III norms which will be effective in phassed manner from?
  A)  January 2013
  B) April 2013
  C) April 2014
  D) December 2013


Which Indian business house has acquired controlling stake in Pantaloon retail?
  A) Reliance Group
  B) ADAG Group
  C) Aditya Birla group
  D) RPG Group


Aung San Suu Kyi was sworn in to Myanmar’s parliament in May. She struggled for how many years for the power?
  A) 25 years
  B) 20 Years
  C) 15 Years
  D) 18 Years


India’s total exports jumped by which percentage for FY 2011-12?
  A) 25%
  B) 23%
  C) 21%
  D) 29%


For FY 2011-12, India’s total trade deficit stood at nearly?
  A) USD 155 billion
  B) USD 205 billion
  C) USD 195 billion
  D) USD 185 billion


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  1. Current Affairs May 2012 Quiz – I Answers
    1 Ans) SK Srivastava
    2 Ans) 2%
    3 Ans) Wipro
    4 Ans) Subhas Joshi
    5 Ans) Goolam E. Vahanvati
    6 Ans) January 2013
    7 Ans) Aditya Birla group
    8 Ans) 25 Years
    9 Ans) 21%
    10 Ans) USD 185 billion

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