Current Affairs March 2018 Quiz - 1 to 60

1Justice_________________ has sworn-in as the Chief Justice of Tripura High Court at Raj Bhavan in Agartala.
 A) Ajay Rastogi
 B) Rajendra Kumar Tiwari
 C) Shambhu Nath Shukla
 D) Shesh Anand Madhukar
2Indian women's Twenty20 cricket team captain ______________ has joined the Punjab police as a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) in Chandigarh.
 A) Mithali Raj
 B) Harmanpreet Kaur
 C) P V Sindhu
 D) Sakshi Malik
3The Indian economy has grown at a five-quarter high of _____________ in the October-December period reflecting overall recovery due to good show by agriculture, manufacturing, construction and certain services.
 A) 7.2%
 B) 7.5%
 C) 7%
 D) 6.2%
4____________________has assured herself and India of at least a silver medal at the Asian Wrestling Championship.
 A) Shyam Benegal
 B) Vinesh Phogat
 C) Faarah Khan
 D) Rituparna Ghosh
5Eminent________________writer Kanakalata Mohanti has passed away at the age of 82.
 A) Bengali
 B) Odia
 C) English
 D) Telegu
6International Olympic Committee (IOC) has restored Russia's Olympic membership with immediate effect following the suspension from the Winter Olympics at _____________ in South Korea.
 A) Daegu
 B) Seoul
 C) Pyeongchang
 D) Busan
7______________ has unveiled the long-awaited mascot, a futuristic blue-checked, doe-eyed character with pointy ears and special powers for the 2020 Olympic Games.
 A) Tokyo
 B) Morocco
 C) Swiden
 D) Swirtzerland
8_______________________, Chairman of the junior national selection committee has resigned from his post.
 A) Lalit Varma
 B) Rajendra Kumar Tiwari
 C) Shambhu Nath Shukla
 D) Venkatesh Prasad
9Actor-politician _____________________ has been honoured with a lifetime achievement award for his contribution to the fields of arts and politics.
 A) Shatrughan Sinha
 B) Anil Shetty
 C) A K Prasad
 D) A K Sharma
10___________ has clinched the 1st gold medal for India in the Asian Wrestling championship in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.
 A) Atul Anand
 B) Sam Adams
 C) Navjot Kaur
 D) Gaganjeet Bhullar
11Indian shooter __________________ has clinched gold with a world record score in 10m air pistol men's final in the ISSF World Cup at Guadalajara in Mexico.
 A) Vijay Kumar
 B) Abhinav Bindra
 C) Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore
 D) Shahzar Rizvi
12__________________, fisheries and corporation minister of Tripura has passed away.
 A) Nasrul Hamid
 B) Ismat Ara Sadek
 C) Khagendra Jamataia
 D) Muhammad Abdul Mannan
13Literateur __________________ has passed away at the age of 91.
 A) Prafulla Das
 B) Laleeta Sharma
 C) Sweta Tiwari
 D) Manisha Rai
14_________________ has been elected as the new president of Armenia.
 A) Farzana Begam
 B) Shabnam Asthana
 C) Suraiya Afrin
 D) Armen Sarkisian
15The_____________ Sultan Azlan Shah Cup Hockey tournament has begun in the Malaysian city of Ipoh.
 A) 28th
 B) 27th
 C) 26th
 D) 30th
16International Olympic Committee (IOC) has restored Russia's Olympic membership with immediate effect following the suspension from the Winter Olympics at _____________ in South Korea.
 A) Seoul
 B) Pyeongchang
 C) Busan
 D) Daegu
17__________________, former Chairman of Hindustan Unilever has passed away at the age of 90.
 A) T. Thomas
 B) John Mahoney
 C) Tom Hanks
 D) Will Smith
18National People's Party (NPP) President_________________ will be the new chief minister of Meghalaya.
 A) Conrad Sangma
 B) John Mahoney
 C) Tom Hanks
 D) Will Smith
19Shigmotsav has been organized enthusiastically in _______________.
 A) Kolkata
 B) Goa
 C) Pune
 D) Delhi
20World rapid champion Viswanathan Anand has annexed the Tal Memorial rapid chess title in ______________, Russia.
 A) Congo
 B) Comoros
 C) Colombia
 D) Moscow
21_______________________ has won the inaugural IBSF Snooker Team World Cup in Doha, Qatar.
 A) India
 B) China
 C) Belgium
 D) Pakistan
22__________________ has become the first ever Hindu dalit senator in Pakistan.
 A) Abhilasha Kumari
 B) T S Tirumurti
 C) Arvind Kumar
 D) Kirshna Kumari Kolhi
23______________, the leg-spinner from Afghanistan has become the youngest captain in international cricket history.
 A) Rashid Khan
 B) Karan Bajwa
 C) Vinay Kulkarni
 D) Anil Tribhovandas Patel
24______________, footballer of Itally has passed away at the age of 31.
 A) Tom Cruise
 B) Davide Astori
 C) Tom Hanks
 D) Will Smith
25________________ has become a brand ambassador of gaming platform Dream11.
 A) Virat Kohli
 B) Sourav Ganguly
 C) Mahendra Singh Dhoni
 D) Gautam Gambhir
26_______________ has been named as the commissioner of T20 Mumbai League.
 A) Gautam Gambhir
 B) Virat Kohli
 C) Sunil Gavaskar
 D) Sunil Nareen
27________________ National People-s Party President has taken oath as the new Chief Minister of Meghalaya.
 A) Conrad Sangma
 B) John Mahoney
 C) Tom Hanks
 D) Will Smith
28The FICCI Frames 2018 has been inaugurated in_________________.
 A) Pune
 B) Mumbai
 C) Bangalore
 D) Hyderabad
29_______________ has ranked fourth on a global index for its military strength.
 A) India
 B) China
 C) Belgium
 D) Pakistan
30India's first helicopter taxi service has been launched in _______________ to fly passengers from Kempegowda International Airport to Electronic City.
 A) Kolkata
 B) Bengaluru
 C) Pune
 D) Hyderabad
31Veteran Bollywood actor ____________has passed away at the age of 89.
 A) Rajesh
 B) Rishi
 C) Shammi
 D) Debanand
32The ______________ is creating its own digital currency in a bid to raise money.
 A) Maui
 B) Marshall Islands
 C) Timor
 D) Borneo
33_______________, IRS officer has been appointed as the new Special Director in the Enforcement Directorate (ED).
 A) Tom Cruise
 B) Vivek R Wadekar
 C) Tom Hanks
 D) Will Smith
34Neiphiu Rio has become the new Chief Minister of ______________.
 A) Ireland
 B) Scotland
 C) Nagaland
 D) Belgium
35____________________has become the first Indian to win the Pritzker Prize, the highest award in architecture.
 A) Architect Balkrishna Vithaldas Doshi
 B) Hardayal Prasad
 C) M. Parimal Devi
 D) Tuba Sehar
36_____________ has become India-s biggest crude oil supplier by overtaking Saudi Arabia.
 A) Iran
 B) Kuwait
 C) Iraq
 D) Saudi Araab
37_____________ has become the 69th member of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).
 A) India
 B) China
 C) Belgium
 D) Pakistan
38____________ junior archers have bagged three gold and two bronze medals to finish their Asia Cup Archery Stage 1 campaign in Bangkok.
 A) Pak
 B) Indian
 C) American
 D) Chinese
39International Women-s Day is observed on ______________.
 A)09th March
 B)15th March
 C)08th March
 D)10th March
40Indian-origin steel tycoon ______________ has been appointed as an official ambassador for the Industrial Cadets programme designed to nurture manufacturing skills.
 A) R. Roshan Baig
 B) Sanjeev Gupta
 C) Vinay Kulkarni
 D) Anil Tribhovandas Patel
41___________________ has become the first state to enact its own net-neutrality requirements.
 A) Kolkata
 B) Washington
 C) Swirtzerland
 D) Kenia
42The__________ women's Cricket team has won the second warm-up game at Mumbai.
 A) Australian
 B) Indian
 C) American
 D) Chinese
4325-year-old _______________has been inducted as the first direct-entry combat officer in the Indo-Tibetan Border Police.
 A) Sunidhi
 B) Nisha
 C) Neha
 D) Prakriti
44_________________ has sworn in as the Chief Minister of Tripura.
 A) Biplab Kumar Deb
 B) Karan Bajwa
 C) Vinay Kulkarni
 D) Anil Tribhovandas Patel
45________________ has become the first Union Territory in India to run 100 percent on solar power generated energy.
 A) Daman
 B) Diu
 C) Andaman
 D) Lakhadwip
46Indian shooter _________________ has clinched a silver medal in the women-s 50m Rifle 3 Positions event at the ongoing ISSF World Cup in Guadalajara, Mexico.
 A) Binyanand Jha
 B) Pankaj Jain
 C) M. Akhaya
 D) Anjum Moudgil
47__________________, younger brother of Ustad Puran Chand Wadali has passed away at the age of 75.
 A) Binyanand Jha
 B) Pankaj Jain
 C) M. Akhaya
 D) Ustad Pyarelal Wadali
48___________________ has won in the final round robin game of the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup hockey at Ipoh, Malaysia.
 A) Ireland
 B) Scotland
 C) Greenland
 D) Iceland
49________________has been named as the cab-hailing startup Uber's first Brand Ambassador in India.
 A) Gautam Gambhir
 B) Virat Kohli
 C) Sunil Gavaskar
 D) Sunil Nareen
50____________________ has been appointed as the Chief Technology Officer Twitter.
 A) Om Prakash Singh
 B) D.K. Manavalan
 C) Ajoy Sinha
 D) Parag Agrawal
51________________ has been given the additional charge of Ministry of Civil Aviation.
 A) D. Bandopadhyay
 B) Vineet Chowdhary
 C) Arun Sen
 D) Suresh Prabhu
52_________________ has won the "Best Exhibitor Award- at ITB - Berlin.
 A) India
 B) China
 C) Belgium
 D) Pakistan
53Noted actor ___________________ has been honoured with Godavari Gaurav award.
 A) Charlotte Kalla
 B) Salil Parekh
 C) Shambhu Nath Shukla
 D) Amol Palekar
54The first-ever multi-nation naval exercise at sea, MILES-18 has begun at the ______________Sea.
 A) Andaman
 B) Kerala
 C) Lakshadwip
 D) Daman
55India's biggest Media & Entertainment Services Market - enTTech 2018 has been inaugurated in __________________.
 A) Bangalore
 B) Mumbai
 C) Pune
 D) Delhi
56The ____________ government has unveiled the State flag (nada dhwaja ) for the state.
 A) Karnataka
 B) Kerala
 C) Rajasthan
 D) Tamilnadu
57Delhi youngster ________________ has smashed his own national record to claim the high jump gold in the 22nd Federation Cup Senior National Athletics Championships.
 A) Sada Kant
 B) Manjula Gupta
 C) Pratibha Laxman Gai
 D) Tejaswin Shankar
58India's_________________ has clinched the gold medal in men's 50 metre rifle 3 position at the ISSF World Cup in Mexico.
 A) Rakesh Singh
 B) Akhil Sheoran
 C) C.S. Samal
 D) K. Jhala
59________________ has become the leader of the country for life after the abolition of decades-old two-term limit for the President.
 A) Dan Gurney
 B) John Perry Barlow
 C) Oliver Wright
 D) Xi Jinping
60World champion ______________ has lifted the coveted Sultan Azlan Shah Hockey title.
 A) Germany
 B) Argentina
 C) India
 D) Australia

1Ans) Ajay Rastogi
2Ans) Harmanpreet Kaur
3Ans) 7.2%
4Ans) Vinesh Phogat
5Ans) Odia
6Ans) Pyeongchang
7Ans) Tokyo
8Ans) Venkatesh Prasad
9Ans) Shatrughan Sinha
10Ans) Navjot Kaur
11Ans) Shahzar Rizvi
12Ans) Khagendra Jamataia
13Ans) Prafulla Das
14Ans) Armen Sarkisian
15Ans) 27th
16Ans) Pyeongchang
17Ans) T. Thomas
18Ans) Conrad Sangma
19Ans) Goa
20Ans) Moscow
21Ans) India
22Ans) Kirshna Kumari Kolhi
23Ans) Rashid Khan
24Ans) Davide Astori
25Ans) Mahendra Singh Dhoni
26Ans) Sunil Gavaskar
27Ans) Conrad Sangma,
28Ans) Mumbai
29Ans) India
30Ans) Bengaluru
31Ans) Shammi
32Ans) Marshall Islands
33Ans) Vivek R Wadekar
34Ans) Nagaland
35Ans) Architect Balkrishna Vithaldas Doshi
36Ans) Iraq
37Ans) India
38Ans) Indian
39Ans) 08th March
40Ans) Sanjeev Gupta
41Ans) Washington
42Ans) Australian
43Ans) Prakriti
44Ans) Biplab Kumar Deb
45Ans) Diu
46Ans) Anjum Moudgil
47Ans) Ustad Pyarelal Wadali
48Ans) Ireland
49Ans) Virat Kohli
50Ans) Parag Agrawal
51Ans) Suresh Prabhu
52Ans) India
53Ans) Amol Palekar
54Ans) Andaman
55Ans) Mumbai
56Ans) Karnataka
57Ans) Tejaswin Shankar
58Ans) Akhil Sheoran
59Ans) Xi Jinping
60Ans) Australia

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