Current Affairs March 2017 Quiz - 7

61Indian-American __________________ has been nominated to serve another term at the powerful Federal Communications Commission.
 A) Champak Bhattacharya
 B) Ajit Pai
 C)  Vishal Garg
 D) Tenzing Bhutia
62Banking System of ____________________ has overtaken the Eurozone to become the World-s biggest by assets.
 A) India
 B) Pakistan
 C) Russia
 D) China
63_____________________ of Uruguay has won his third consecutive Brasil Open title.
 A) Tabaré Vázquez
 B) Pedro Bordaberry
 C) Pablo Cuevas
 D) Pablo Mieres
64___________________has been appointed as the Regional Director for India, Nepal and Srilanka of Ford Foundation.
 A) Shakuntala Gamlin
 B) Arun Goyal
 C) Pradip Nair
 D) Parimal Rai
6532 years old ____________________ has become the first woman driver of Karnataka government owned North Western Karnataka Road Transport Corporation.
 A) Sreedevi
 B) Reena Ray
 C)  Nutan Guha Biswas
 D) Naini Jayaseelan
66RSS Chief ______________________ has been conferred with the honorary degree of Doctor of Science (DSc) by the Maharashtra Animal and Fishery Sciences University.
 A) M M Kutty
 B) Anindo Majumdar
 C) Mohan Bhagwat
 D) Janak Digal
67Eminent Konkoni writer______________________has been honored with the Saraswati Samman 2016 for his novel Hawthan.
 A) Uday Bhimbre
 B) Pundalik Naik
 C) Monohar Rai Sandeshi
 D)  Mahabaleswar Sail
68_________________ successfully test-fired an extended range BrahMos supersonic cruise missile from the Chandipur Integrated Test Range, off the Odisha coast.
 A) China
 B) Pakistan
 C) India
 D) Nepal
69The T20 winners Indian Blind Cricket Team has been awarded with________________by BCCI.
 A) Rs.1.2 Crore
 B) Rs.9 Crore
 C) Rs. 1 Crore
 D) Rs.1.3 Crore
70__________________has been appointed as council President of EU for the 2nd time.
 A) Ginni Rometty
 B) Donald Tusk
 C) Tim Cook
 D) Warren Buffett

61Ans) Ajit Pai
62Ans) China
63Ans) Pablo Cuevas
64Ans) Pradip Nair
65Ans) Sreedevi
66Ans) Mohan Bhagwat
67Ans)  Mahabaleswar Sail
68Ans) India
69Ans)  Rs. 1 Crore
70Ans) Donald Tusk

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