Current Affairs March 2017 Quiz - 5

41_______________ has won the ATP Mexico Open hard court tennis tournament.
 A)  Pete Sampras
 B) Sam Querrey
 C) Rod Laver
 D) Bjorn Borg
42________________________ has claimed his first title of the year 2017 in Dubai.
 A) Novak Djokovic
 B) Jimmy Connors
 C) Ivan Lendl
 D) Andy Murray
43_______________________has been appointed as the advisor to advise the Odisha government on proper implementation and smooth delivery of the ongoing health programmes in the state.
 A) Girish Bapat
 B) Vishnu Savara
 C) Prof. Dr. K. Srinath Reddy
 D) Diwakar Raote
44_____________________Bangalore has become India-s first University to be ranked among the World top 10.
 A) Indian Institute of Science
 B) National Institute of Technology
 C) Indian Institute of Management
 D) National Law Institute University
45GMR Hyderabad International airport has been ranked first in the world in highest _______________________capacity.
 A) Sitting
 B) passenger handling
 C) Luggage carrying
 D) Flying
46Indian economy will grow by ____________________in the current fiscal before stepping up to 7.7% in the next two financial years.
 A) 7.6%
 B) 4.5%
 C) 7.8%
 D) 7.1%
47Bengali Folk singer _______________________ has passed away at the age of 56 in a road accident in Hooghly, West Bengal.
 A) Kachra Khan
 B) Amar Pal
 C) Kalika Prasad Bhattacherjee
 D) Anshuman Roy
48A joint military exercise Surya Kiran-XI between India and Nepal has started in Pithoragarh area of _____________________.
 A) Chandigarh
 B) Uttrakhand
 C) Utterprodesh
 D) Tamilnadu
49_____________________and Malaysia have banned each other's citizens from leaving their countries.
 A) South Korea
 B) North Korea
 C) China
 D) Bangaladesh
50IFS Officer ___________________has been appointed as the next ambassador of India to the Principality of Andorra.
 A) Rajeev Kumar
 B) D.Bala
 C) Jayanta Kumar Basu
 D) Vineet Kumar Goyal

41Ans) Sam Querrey
42Ans) Andy Murray
43Ans) Prof. Dr. K. Srinath Reddy
44Ans) Indian Institute of Science
45Ans) passenger handling
46Ans) 7.1%
47Ans) Kalika Prasad Bhattacherjee
48Ans) Uttrakhand
49Ans) North Korea
50Ans) D.Bala

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