Current Affairs March 2017 Quiz - 17

161_______________, Former Secretary of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, has been appointed as the full time Interim Director General of International Solar Alliance (ISA).
 A) Shri Upendra Tripathy
 B)  Andrei Ravkov
 C) Shivshankar Menon
 D)  Jayadev Galla
162Major______________ has been awarded with Kirti Chakra.
 A)  Rohit Churi
 B) Deepak Kapoor
 C) Bikram Singh
 D) Dalbir Singh Suhag
163Fifth Rashtriya Sanskriti Mahotsav will be held in __________________ region of India in March.
 A) Western
 B) Eastern
 C) North Eastern
 D) South Eastern
164_____________________ has won the Bronze in Asian Race Walking Championships.
 A) Amitava Roy
 B) K T Irfan
 C) Chetan Anand
 D) Syed Modi
165Indian para athletes bagged _____________medals, including three gold, in the 9th Fazaa International IPC Athletics Grand Prix in Dubai.
 A) two
 B) five
 C) nine
 D) eight
166World Water Day is observed on ___________ March.
 A) 20th
 B) 22nd
 C) 25th
 D) 21st
167The electronic devices larger than ___________________are banned on flights from six middle Eastern Countries in UK.
 A) laptop
 B) mobile
 C) tablet
 D) notepad
168Citing security concerns, ____________________ is forfeiting its Davis Cup tennis matches against Pakistan, scheduled for next month in Islamabad.
 A) Hong Kong
 B) Japan
 C) Rome
 D) Kathmandu
169____________________has been appointed as the brand ambassador of Pepsico-s sports drink brand Gatorade.
 A) P.V Shindhu
 B) Saina Nehwal
 C) Jwala Gutta
 D) Sania Mirza
170BJP legislator_______________was elected the deputy speaker of Goa assembly.
 A) Manohar Parrikar
 B)  Michael Lobo
 C) Dayanand Bandodkar
 D) Laxmikant Parsekar

161Ans) Shri Upendra Tripathy
162Ans)  Rohit Churi
163Ans) North Eastern
164Ans) K T Irfan
165Ans) eight
166Ans) 22nd
167Ans) mobile
168Ans) Hong Kong
169Ans) P.V Shindhu
170Ans)  Michael Lobo

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