Current Affairs March 2017 Quiz - 14

131The second semi-final of the ________________has been postponed due to a fire accident at Jharkhand's team hotel in New Delhi's Dwarka area.
 A) Bandodkar Trophy
 B) Vijay Hazare Trophy
 C) Agha Khan Cup
 D) Bombay Gold Cup
132National racing champion _____________________ and his wife died in a car accident in Chennai.
 A) Juan Manuel Fangio
 B) Ashwin Sundar
 C) Jim Clark
 D) Alberto Ascari
133World Sleep Day is observed on_________ March.
 A) 18th
 B) 15th
 C) 10th
 D) 5th
134Japan launched a new satellite to track land and maritime movements in___________.
 A) South Korea
 B) Russia
 C) China
 D) North Korea.
135S V Sunil was named the Asian Hockey Federation (AHF) Player of the Year for_.
 A) 2014
 B) 2017
 C) 2016
 D) 2015
136Former Australia captain _________________has launched his autobiography named -My Story- in Kolkata.
 A) Charles Bannerman
 B) Jack Blackham
 C) Michael Clarke
 D) Bransby Cooper
137_____________ has been appointed as the CEO of newly  merged Vodafone-Idea entity.
 A) Vittorio Colao
 B) Vittorio Colao
 C) Kumar Mangalam Birla
 D) Tom Garrett
138_____________________, Snapdeal-s Chief Strategy and Investment Officer has been appointed as the CEO of Freecharge.
 A) Jason Kothari
 B) Dave Gregory
 C) Ned Gregory
 D) John Hodges
139Justice___________________ has been taken oath as the Chief Justice of Kerala High Court.
 A) Dhirendra Hiralal Waghela
 B)  Navniti Kumar Singh
 C) Pradip Kumar Mohanty
 D) Vineet Saran
140____________________has been listed in WEF-s 100 young global leaders list.
 A) 10 Indians
 B) 15 Indians
 C) 5 Indians
 D)12 Indians

131Vijay Hazare Trophy
132Ans) Ashwin Sundar
133Ans)  18th
134Ans) North Korea.
135Ans) 2016
136Ans) Michael Clarke
137Ans) Kumar Mangalam Birla
138Ans) Jason Kothari
139Ans)  Navniti Kumar Singh
140Ans) 5 Indians

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