Current Affairs March 2017 Quiz - 11

101Retail inflation has risen to______________________in February 2017 compared to 5.26% in February 2016.
 A)  3.65%
 B) 3.20%
 C) 3%
 D) 3.55%
102_____________________ has been awarded with first prize in the implementation of official language policy in the western region for the year 2015-16.
 A) Bank of Baroda
 B) Alahabad bank of India
 C) United Bank of India
 D) Central Bank of India
103_________________has emerged as the best city in terms of living standards among Indian cities for the third year in a row.
 A) Maharashtra
 B) Hyderabad
 C) Chennai
 D) Bangalore
104World Consumer Right Day is being observed on ________________________.
 A) 9th March
 B) 11th March
 C) 15th March
 D) 10th March
105According to the 19th Annual Quality of Living Survey of Mercer,___________________, the capital of Austria has topped the list of cities offering the highest quality of life for the eighth year in a row.
 A) Salzburg
 B) Innsburg
 C)  Vienna
 D) Linz
106Indian-American____________________has got confirmation of US Senate to be the head of US health care.
 A) Kashmira Sheth
 B) Sejal Badani
 C)  Seema Verma
 D) Mindy Kaling
107Two Indian-American Author__________________ and Paul Kalanithi has been shortlisted for the 30,000 pound Welcome Book Prize.
 A)  Sejal Badani
 B) Anand Giridharadas
 C)  Siddhartha Mukherjee
 D)  Kashmira Sheth
108Double Olympic Goldmedalist ______________________ has announced her retirement from International cycling.
 A) Larisa Latynina
 B) Michael Phelps
 C) Joanna Rowsell Shand
 D) Paavo Nurmi
109Popular American author, filmmaker and public speaker ______________________ has passed away.
 A) Ray Bradbury
 B) John Daly
 C) Tom Watson
 D) Amy Krouse Rosenthal
110Justice _________has sworn in as Upalokayukta of Assam.
 A) Tarun Gogoi
 B)  Chittaranjan Sharma
 C) T.C. Das
 D) Sarbananda Sonowal

101Ans)  3.65%
102Ans) Central Bank of India
103Ans) Hyderabad
104Ans) 15th March
105Ans)  Vienna
106Ans)  Seema Verma
107Ans)  Siddhartha Mukherjee
108Ans) Joanna Rowsell Shand
109Ans) Amy Krouse Rosenthal
110Ans) Chittaranjan Sharma

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