Current Affairs March 2016 Quiz - 8

71The government has announced in Mar 2016 to divest _________ stake in Container Corporation of India (Concor) through the offer for sale (OFS) route in order to raise nearly Rs 1,165 crore.
 A) 5%
 B) 10%
 C) 15%
 D) 20%
72"World Drama Day" is observed on ____________.
 A) 28-Mar
 B) 24-Mar
 C) 22-Mar
 D) 27-Mar

73Bollywood actress ____________-s name was included in the Guinness World Records after she along with several other women participated in an initiative to set a record for -most people painting their fingernails simultaneously- on the eve of the International Women-s Day on 8th March.
 A) Priyanka Chopra
 B) Deepika Padukone
 C) Sonakshi Sinha
 D) Parineeti Chopra
74108-feet tall idol of Lord Rishabhdeva, the first Teerthankar of Jains has entered the -Guinness World Records- as the world-s tallest Jain statue. The statue was crafted from a single stone and is located on top of Mangi Tungi Mountain near Teharabad village of which indian state?
 A) Tamil Nadu
 B) Maharashtra
 C) Karnataka
 D) Andhra Pradesh
75Which team won the Irani Cup Cricket Title held in Mar 2016?
 A) Mumbai
 B) Rest of India
 C) Karnataka
 D) Sourashtra
76Former Egyptian foreign minister __________ has been appointed as the new Secretary General of the 22-member Arab League in Mar 2016.
 A) Nabil El-Araby
 B) Sameh Shoukry
 C) Ahmed Abul Gheit
 D) Ibrahim Mahlab
77Which tech giant  acquired Masquerade Technologies Inc, creator of the popular face-swapping app MSQRD in order to improve its video services, in Mar 2016?
 A) Google
 B) Facebook
 C) Microsoft
 D) LinkedIn
78Famous ____________ musician Nana Vasconcelos passed away in Mar 2016. He was 71. He won Grammy Award for 8 times for his wide instrumental range and major role in free spirited jazz and world music of the 1970s and 1980s.
 A) Portugese
 B) Spanish
 C) Brazil
 D) Argentina
79The Union government has appointed ex-Supreme Court judge _____________ as the chairperson of the 21st Law Commission in Mar 2016. The position was lying vacant since its constitution in September 2015.
 A) Justice S Verma
 B) Justice HL Dattu
 C) Justice RM Lodha
 D) Justice Balbir Singh Chauhan
80Indian snooker player _____________ has won the 1st All India Open Invitational Snooker Championship 2016 in Aurangabad in Mar 2016.
 A) Pushpender Singh
 B) Sandeep Gulati
 C) Rahul Sachdev
 D) None of These

71Ans) 5%
72Ans) 28-Mar
73Ans) Sonakshi Sinha
74Ans) Maharashtra
75Ans) Rest of India
76Ans) Ahmed Abul Gheit
77Ans) Facebook
78Ans) Brazil
79Ans) Balbir Singh Chauhan
80Ans) Rahul Sachdev

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