Current Affairs March 2016 Quiz - 5

41Famous Indian ___________ Paramesh Krishnan Nair passed away on 4th March 2016. He was of 82.
 A) film actor
 B) film archivist
 C) theatre artist
 D) film director
42Who won the 63rd National Award in the 'Best Actress in a Supporting Role' category as announced by the Central Government in Mar 2016?
 A) Tabu
 B) Tanvi Azmi
 C) Huma Qureshi
 D) Priyanka Chopra

43Indian shooter __________ won gold medal in the 50m pistol round at the ISSF World Cup held in Bangkok after scoring 191.3 points in the final round in Mar 2016.
 A) Rahi Sarnobot
 B) Heena Sidhu
 C) Jitu Rai
 D) Anjali Bhagwat
44The _________ under-23 team won the Col CK Nayudu Trophy held in Mar 2016.
 A) Madhya Pradesh
 B) Sourashtra
 C) Mumbai
 D) Karnataka
45Ray Tomlinson, the inventor of _________ has passed away in Mar 2016. He was 74.
 A) keyboard
 B) mouse
 C) email
 D) floppy disk
46American First Lady and Actress __________ passed away in Mar 2016. She was 94. She was the wife of the 40th President of the United States hence first lady from 1981 to 1989.
 A) Nancy Davis Reagan
 B) Jane Wyman
 C) Barbara Bush
 D) None of These
47Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has announced in Mar 2016 that the Government may merge 27 public sector banks into just __________ big banks in order to deal with the mounting NPAs.
 A) five
 B) six
 C) seven
 D) eight
48"World Water Day" is observed on ____________.
 A) 22-Mar
 B) 23-Mar
 C) 21-Mar
 D) 25-Mar
49Who won the 63rd National Award in the 'Indira Gandhi Award for Best Debut Film of A Director'  category as announced by the Central Government in Mar 2016?
 A) Neeraj Ghaywan
 B) Sanjay Misra
 C) Vikas Bahl
 D) Rajat Kapoor
50Who was sworn in as chief justice of the Guwahati High Court in Mar 2016?
 A) Mohit Shah
 B) Ajit Singh
 C) Vineet Saran
 D) D H Waghela

41Ans) film archivist
42Ans) Tanvi Azmi
43Ans) Jitu Rai
44Ans) Mumbai
45Ans) email
46Ans) Nancy Davis Reagan
47Ans) six
48Ans) 22-Mar
49Ans) Neeraj Ghaywan
50Ans) Ajit Singh

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